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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Unkindest Cut Quest Walkthrough

The Unkindest Cut Quest Walkthrough

If you have agreed to help Lykaon find his grandmother in the end of the previous quest Sins of the Past, you will now have to search for her. The woman is held in a hut that is located in the central part of the Sacred Lands of Apollo (see screenshot above).

Having arrived at the site, evaluate the situation with the help of Icarus – Praxithea is kept in the cage near the house that is guarded by four bandits and a dog. Theoretically, you can release the old woman without killing anyone, but, in this case, she will attract excessive attention on her way to freedom.

On the territory of the farm, enemies are walking at a significant distance from each other, so you can stealthily kill them one by one using the skill Rush Assassination. The man with the dog presents the only problem – kill the master stealthily and then deal with the animal in an open fight.

Having released Praxithea, run to the safe place and ask the old woman about her past sins – it was she who condemned the protagonist’s sister/brother to death. When you run out of questions, Lykaon will join the conversation, and you will have to make an important choice.

Here are the options:

  1. ‘’You must be the one to kill her’’. Alexios/Kassandra pushes the healer to murder, but he hesitates, and the characters proceed with each one’s plans.
  2. ‘’Violence won’t solve anything’’. Your character convinces the grandson to stop wishing death to his grandmother, he admires the protagonist’s determination and offers sex in front of his elderly relative.
  3. ‘’I’ll kill her’’. The hero won’t let Lykaon sully his status of the healer and kills the old woman by himself. You must control the process of the murder.

Regardless of the decision that you make, you will get your reward – a couple hundred drachmas, a legendary helmet and about 5000 experience points.

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