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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Writhing Dead Quest Walkthrough

Writhing Dead Quest Walkthrough

In Writhing Dead, you will have to fight the mythical monster, Medusa. She’s a challenge to beat, but if you rise to the challenge, you’ll get a powerful sword and a Medusa Figurehead for your ship.

  1. Interact with the gate on the left to open the Petrified Temple.
  2. Follow Bryce through the temple.
  3. Defeat the Medusa.
  4. Loot the Medusa’s body.

2. There are Snakes Around the Temple

It’s dark in the temple and it can be easy to miss the snakes waiting around to strike you. Use your torch to see more clearly. You can also use it as a weapon to set snakes on fire.

3. Fight the Infamous Mythological Monster – Medusa

After you get to the end of the temple, you will find Medusa waiting for you. She poses a tough challenge to beat as she has minions, a petrifying gaze, a teleport, and even a lightning attack so be prepared for a long battle.

3. Take Out the Minions as Quickly as Possible

Throughout the battle, Medusa will call out minions to fight you while she bubbles herself up. Kill the minions as soon as possible to break Medusa’s bubble and be able to damage her again.

3. Being Petrified Will Slow You Down

Medusa won’t fully turn you into stone, but it will take a hit on your overall speed. Keep dodging while you’re petrified to get rid of it and prevent anything from damaging you.

3. Use Bows and Hide Behind the Stone Pillars

Prevent yourself from being petrified by hiding behind stone pillars. You can also peek behind the pillars with your bow and shoot down Medusa to do damage to her while she’s firing her petrifying gaze.

3. Medusa Will Fire 3 Lightning Stikes in a Row

Medusa will fire Lightning Strikes at your whenever she strikes the floor with her sword. Dodge the three strikes then go back to attacking her with your bow.

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