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Assemble with Care Walkthrough Guide: 100% Achievements

Assemble with Care is a beautifully crafted puzzle game that invites you to embark on a heartwarming journey of fixing and restoring cherished items.

Stuck on a particular puzzle or seeking some guidance? Follow this step-by-step walk-through to effortlessly navigate through the game, completing each puzzle and unraveling the heartfelt story that lies within. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast or a casual gamer, our guide guarantees a smooth ride to 100% completion. Happy gaming, restorer of memories!

Assemble with Care Walkthrough Guide: 100% Achievements

All the achievements in the game are 100% progress based, that is, you do not have to worry about having missed anything around the exploratory game-play. All the achievements can be obtained in one play-through.

P.S. Spoilers ahead! The steps in this guide are only here to help you get through a difficult position in the game. Feel free to have a look otherwise too, but you have been warned.

Welcome to Bellariva

Complete Chapter 1: The Arrival

You’ll begin with playing Maria’s Cassette Tape. You’ll get a hang of how the point and click gameplay works.

Then you’ll proceed to unpack Maria’s Suitcase; doing so will get you your first achievement.

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Goodnight, My Darling

Complete Chapter 2: Lullaby

In this chapter, you’ll meet your first customer Izzy, and your job is to fix her Minato Cassette Recorder.

  • Take the player, turn it over and unscrew the back.
  • Remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones. Keep it aside.
  • Take the cassette and roll the strip back using the pencil. Keep it aside.
  • Open the player, place the cassette in, and play!

You should get the second achievement as soon as the record’s done playing.

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Statue of Limitations

Complete Chapter 3: Shattered

Here, you’ll meet Izzy’s (Isabel) father, Joseph. You’ll help him restore his father’s statue.

Now for this level, you’ll be gluing all the parts of the statue. Best way to go about it is building from ground up.

Start of with the base, apply glue on the marked area and add the left leg with the cape. Followed by the right leg, the waist, either hands and finally the head.

The parts won’t stick if you miss out on the glue.

TADA! You should get the third achievement as soon as you’ve put together the full statue.

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Call Me

Complete Chapter 4: Disconnected

You’ll meet the Café Owner, Carmen in this chapter and for her, you’re gonna repair her Antique Rotary Phone.

Steps to work along:

  • Detach the hand phone and wire and keep it aside.
  • Unscrew (4 screws) on the back and keep the yellow cover aside.
  • Unscrew (1) on the top of the machine and remove the dial.
  • Disconnect the pink wire and replace the green circuit board.
  • Plug the pink wire back onto the sound icons.
  • Using a spare wire in your box, connect the phone icons too.
  • Unscrew (1) the broken bell, replace it with a new one and screw it back on.
  • Place the dial back onto the base and screw (1) it back on.
  • Place the cover of the phone, rotate the base and fix the remaining 4 screws on.
  • Attach the hand phone and the wire back to the phone.

VOILA! You’ll receive the fourth achievement here.

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Life Through a Lens

Complete Chapter 5: In Focus

You’ll encounter Carmen’s sister, Helena here, and her broken Lenax U2G 58 Camera is what you’ll be fixing.

Steps to restore the camera:

  • Unscrew the 4 screws holding camera body together: 2 top, 1 front, 1 to the left.
  • Take the front (along with the lens) and the back cover and keep them aside.
  • Tilt the camera body so you can see what’s inside.
  • Remove the shattered mirror and replace it with a new one.
  • Use the screwdriver to adjust the angle of the mirror to an “S” shape as show in manual.
  • Place the roll of film onto the section next to the mirror.
  • Fix the top and then the front and back cover back onto the camera body.
  • Screw on the 4 screws again to keep the pieces in place.

You’re done! You’ll get the fifth achievement here soon.

All Achievements + Walk-through Full Game

Everything is Illuminated

Complete Chapter 6: In The Dark

In this chapter, you’ll fix a Neon Door Sign for Carmen.

Steps to get the neon sign working again:

  • The the base of the sign and place for the ring and the letters in place.
  • Flip the base over and unscrew (2) the back cover off.
  • Glue the marked square and paste the piece with the power button there.
  • Use a spare wire connect the left light to power button.
  • Power on and flip the sign.
  • Now take the 2nd circuit board and glue it in place.
  • Disconnect the bottom wire and connect it to the new circuit.
  • Use a spare wire and do the same. Make sure all indicators are green. Power on.
  • Pick the ice-cream light and place it on the sign on the front..
  • Flip over and paste the 3rd circuit board.
  • Using the spare wire, attach the new board to the old ones so all indicators are green.
  • You can refer to the image below for reference. Now power on.
  • Screw the back cover on again.

You’re good to go! You’ll get the sixth achievement soon. The levels will only get more complicated from no on.

All Achievements + Walk-through Full Game

Game Over

Complete Chapter 7: Playing Up

In this chapter, you’ll fix Izzy’s Yokoi Pop N’ Play Game Console.

How to fix the console you ask?

  • The the game and flip it over. Remove both the top and bottom back covers of the game.
  • On the bottom, detach the second (bottom) jacks for the first 2 wires.
  • Remove the burnt circuit chip as well as the base circuit.
  • Remove the broken “A” button and replace it with the new one.
  • Place the base back on and put the new angled circuit chip in place.
  • Reattach the pink wires in the same manner. (It reads out “XI”)
  • Now on the top part of the console, detach all the first (upper) jacks of the 3 wires.
  • Remove the burnt circuit and the broken screen.
  • Place the new screen and on top of the place the new rectangle circuit on.
  • Connect the wires so all the indicators are green. (it looks like an H)
  • Place both the back covers on again.
  • Flip the console over and put the game CD in through the bottom.
  • Turn the console on and done!

You’ll get the seventh achievement after you’ve fixed the console and shown Izzy how to play the game.

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A Fix in Time

Complete Chapter 8: Momentary

You’ll be making Joseph’s Engraved Wrist Watch, that his wife gave him, tick again in this chapter.

You’ll do that as follows:

  • Take off the straps of the watch and place them aside.
  • Flip the watch and unscrew (4) the back cover off.
  • Remove the base of the watch and separate the cogs from broken pieces.
  • Place the cogs (4) on the new base such that all of them are moving.
  • Put the pole cog in the centre and flip the base, placing the last cog in the middle.
  • Keep the base aside and now take the dial part. Remove the dial and place it aside.
  • Unscrew (2) on the edges and replace the broken glass with a new one. Screw it back.
  • Place the dial and then the base back in place.
  • Screw (4) the back cover in place again.
  • Reattach the straps onto the base watch and done.

The watch is as good as new! You’ll get the eighth achievement soon.

All Achievements + Walk-through Full Game

Slide Away

Complete Chapter 9: The Bigger Picture

This one’s a bit complicated: you’ll get to restore memories by repairing an old Omnicolour Slide Projector.

Steps to follow:

  • Unscrew (2) the top shell of the projector, keep the base aside.
  • Unscrew (2) the cover off of the shell and place it aside too.
  • Take the base and place 2 mirrors in place.
  • Replace the broken lightbulb with a new one.
  • Using a screwdriver, angle the mirrors such that light travels from the bulb to both mirrors. (45°)
  • Place the top shell back onto the base and adjust the third mirror to create a projection.
  • Once you have the projection, screw (4) both the covers back on.
  • Now, take the button and mount it on the left side of the projector.
  • Using a spare wire, connect the button and the projector.
  • Place all the slides in their sections on the side of the projector and play!

Once you’re done fixing, stroll back down Helena’s memory lane as you get the ninth achievement.

All Achievements + Walk-through Full Game

Hello, Master Chef

Complete Chapter 10: Boiling Point

Are you ready to help Carmen make a batch of her delicious Four-Season Soup recipe after assembling her cooking stove?

This is how you do it:

  • Take the base and place the valve on top. (Use the picture manual as a reference.)
  • Now connect the thermostat to the valve’s side and the black burner on the top.
  • Switch the thermostat on and you can see some gas leak off the top.
  • Now rotate the base and place the supporting parts along the burner’s side.
  • Keep the assembled stove aside and a match stick, light it up and turn the stove on.
  • Pour some broth into the sauce pan and place it on the stove.

You’re ready to get cooking. Now, where’s the recipe? You can play around, here’s what I did:

  • Add 8 sliced carrots, 2 florets of broccoli, 3 onion rings, all halved mushrooms and tomatoes
  • 2 blocks of what looks like butter and stir.

Ready to serve! You get the tenth achievement after the Mayor has tasted your recipe!

All Achievements + Walk-through Full Game

Turning the Tables

Complete Chapter 11: Harmony

You’ll be helping Carmen gift an Idaphone Fidelity Record Player to Helena, but first, you’ll have to take a look at it.

Here’s how you can make the record player work again:

  • Take the lid off and remove the CD.
  • Detach the base cover and keep it aside.
  • Re-attach all the wiring so that all icons match from one end to another.
  • Place the base cover back on and try powering the record player on.
  • Remove the yellow elastic and detach the wire under the motor.
  • Replace the faulty motor with a new one (grey one: U5:7W0)
  • Reattach the wire and place the elastic back around the motor.
  • Place the base cover and CD back on along with the lid.
  • Power on and enjoy the tunes!

While Helena gets her gift, you’ll get the eleventh achievement.

All Achievements + Walk-through Full Game

Thank You for the Music

Complete Chapter 12: A Father’s Reprise

On your last day in Bellariva, you’ll be bringing a father closer to his daughter in this delicate chapter by fixing an antique Portofino Dove Nest Music Box.

This is how you could make this music box sing again:

  • Remove the mini drawer and keep it aside. It contains the ornaments.
  • Unscrew (4) the bottom and set it aside.
  • Open the lid and keep the circular ornament aside too.
  • Take the blue base off and take the circuit out.
  • Replace the golden tube and cog with new ones.
  • Add 2 more grey cogs to the circuit. When you insert the key, the mechanism should work.
  • Place the blue base on top and add the 2 ornaments in their respective sections.
  • Place this whole body back inside the music box.
  • Unscrew (2) the frame and replace the picture with the family photograph.
  • Screw (4) the bottom of the music box back again.
  • Put the drawer back an place and play the music box.

Your you’d hope this is your twelfth achievement in the last chapter, but there’s more.

All Achievements + Walk-through Full Game

Only a Phonecall Away

Complete Chapter 13: Departure

It’s time for you to leave Bellariva and it’s beautiful people and the stories they tell. Time to pack up your Aventura Classic Suitcase again.

Unlike when you arrived, you’ll be stuffing your suitcase this time, there’s not much to do other than making sure everything is in place.

All Achievements + Walk-through Full Game

After you’re done reminiscing your stay in this town, you decide to dial your parents. You don’t hear the full conversation as the credits roll in but you can guess how cathartic Maria must’ve felt after all those years. You’ll get an achievement here.

Coffee Break

Complete Epilogue: Carmen’s Letter

Carmen’s sent you updates about her cafe business booming and personality change in her sister Helena. She’s most excited to tell you that she put together and used a Newcombe Classic Espresso Coffee Machine all by herself!

Here’s how you can help Carmen deal with the coffee machinery:

  • Screw (2) the top of the coffee machine off.
  • Puzzle the valves in place. Start with the cylinder and thermometer and then the rest.
  • Then screw (2) the back of the machine and the bottom (1) off.
  • Place the circuit board at the bottom and assign a number to each icon by attaching wires.
  • Using the same number-icon combination, connect the wire at the back of the coffee machine.
  • Match the icons using wires in the front of the machine also. The wires are tricky, I know.
  • Screw the back (2), the bottom (1) and finally the top (2) on the machine again.
  • Press the buttons to make sure the machine is working.
All Achievements + Walk-through Full Game

Now it’s time to test that coffee machine and make some coffee! Make some coffee and use steamed milk to adorned your coffee with some latte art. Observation: Helena’s favourite biscuits are Lotus Biscoff! Ah! The superiority. You’ll get your last achievement with this sip of coffee.

All Achievements + Walk-through Full Game
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