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Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 – Diamond Helmet Locations

In this walkthrough i discribe the location of all the diamond helmet. Remember, because it’s a remasterd version, they are the same as in the original XXL 2 Mission Las Vegum.


1) “The Four Torches on the locked door”- Light the four torches at the start of the level. It’s
pretty much given to you.

2) “The Eiffel Tower” – hop off the top of the eifel tower where the trail of
helmets are.

3) “Boat Tour” – Activate the boat on the canal and jump when it passes under this
Diamond Helmet.

4) The Triumphal Arch – After your second trip to the Arc coming from Venetia,
defeat the Romans in the melee and fire them at the Targets on either side of
the Arc.

5) The Obelisk – Appears once the Obelisk falls.


1) The Little Stone Bridge – In the first big canal area of Venetia, there’s a
stone bridge at the back. The Diamond Helmet is underneath, in a secret alcove.

2) Rooftop Slides – Dogmatix will point to a trail of helmets leading into the
darkness at the first night time area of Venetia. Follow it down to be
launched to where the Diamond Helmet awaits.

3) Going Underground – Before lighting the four torches in this area of
Venetia, smash the breakable floor from above and follow the rooms around to
this Diamond Helmet.

4) Canal Bumper Jumper – You need to press a red switch near the spinning sign
in the second big canal area where the Souvenir Shop is. A bumper is activated
around the water level, so jump on it for this Diamond Helmet.

5) Saint Mark’s Cage – A tough one to get, you need to do the long looping
section at the end of Venetia so you hit all three bells. The cage will
release this Diamond Helmet only when all three are hit in one trip.


1) Beneath the Sphinx – Either use the magic potion’s explosive effects or
drag the bomb from inside the pyramid to the third sphinx statue to your left
(while exiting the sphinx with the bomb) for this well-hidden Diamond Helmet.

2) The Secret of the Secret Passage – Just blow up the block that was moved in
the cutscene with the nearby bomb.

3) One Flew Over the Tortoise – In the left passage of the big room with the
peacock emblem, you’ll reach a series of bumpers you need to take to get over a
Phalanx. Head for the near corner instead to find a semi-hidden bumper.

4) Crown of Palms – In the near-right passage you’ll head to an oasis area full
of palm trees. You need to hit a hard-to-find red button on the base of one of
the blue pillars and then quickly dart to the undergrowth on the other side of
the oasis to find a bumper. It’ll net you this Diamond Helmet.

5) A Refreshing Shower – In the far right passage you’ll get to a place where
you need to push a bomb around to three different Tetris walls. After lighting
all the torches in here, the cage holding the Diamond Helmet will open in the
middle room with the waterfall.


1) Challenge 1 – Win Challenge 1

2) Challenge 2 – Win Challenge 2

3) Challenge 3 – Win Challenge 3

4) Challenge 4 – Win Challenge 4

5) Fake Gaulish Village – Hidden in the corner of the fake Gaulish Village.

Pirate Island

1) Booty in the Sand – Possibly the hardest Diamond Helmet to get, you need to
push a bomb all the way from the area that opens after hitting the Targets to
the area to the left of the giant monkey head where the floor is broken. The
Diamond Helmet is underneath.

2) Out of the Left Eye – After solving all the portside areas through the toll
door, you’ll be taken on a cable car journey back to the monkey head. Make sure
to grab this Diamond Helmet by first looping and then dropping from the loop
just as you pass it.

3) Bellyflop by the Lighthouse – While at the lighthouse in the port village
area, knock out a Pacman Roman and use his belly to spring up to this floating
Diamond Helmet.

4) Record Ascent – Simply run up the barrel jumping area at the end of the port
village area after hitting the lever. You need to be quick to get to the
Diamond Helmet before its cage closes again.

5) Out of the Right Eye – In the cable car from the area you need to open by
throwing Romans into Wells, do a loop just as you’re passing the Diamond
Helmet to grab it.

SeizeUs Palace

1) Garden Level Zero – Defeat all the enemies in the opening garden area to
activate three bumpers. The trio of bumpers will net you this Diamond Helmet.

2) Crazy Elevator – In the big roulette wheel hub area, activate all the levers
on the walls where platforms appear after solving each area. The central
platform will now lift up and down, letting you get this Diamond Helmet.

3) Skyscraper – Enter the blue section and take the looping cable car puzzle to
reach this Diamond Helmet. You’ll either grab it or you’ll miss it and fall
onto the platform it’s on, which means you can grab it before using the bumper
to head back to the start of the area. Can’t really miss it, then.

4) Leap of Faith – In the yellow section, with the three statues, head to the
end where the water is flowing down to find a semi-hidden lower platform. The
bumper here will get you the Diamond Helmet.

5) The Emperor’s Laurels – Simple enough. During your fight with Caesar(s), his
statue will explode revealing this final Diamond Helmet

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