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Astonia Reborn – Lydia’s Potion Quest

This is the first quest in the game.

When you come across James he will refer you to Lydia who can found in Gwendylon’s Tower, the building North of The Fortress (where you started the game on the blue square) and in the room to the left of Nook.


Lydia is feeling hungover and needs a hangover cure which has been stolen by thieves.

Quest Objectives

To complete this quest, the player must:

Recover Lydia’s Cure Minor Disease and return it to her.

Quest Walkthrough

Exit Gwendylon’s Tower and head West a short distance to a building occupied by thieves. As you enter the building go into the first room on the left, there will be a thief, kill him and loot the key from his body.

Continue through the building until you come across a locked chest, retrieve the hangover cure from the chest and return it to Lydia for your reward.

Written by Tycedagel

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