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Astral Chain Laius Boss Fight Guide

Laius Boss Fight Guide

Laius specializes in extermination, and he’s here to take you out. Luckily, he doesn’t behave much differently from the enemies you’ve fought thus far. He is a little faster and stronger, but if you’ve made it this far, you’ll have no trouble with Laius.

It’s best to stick behind him if at all possible, although Laius moves around quickly, so it might be tough to stay at his back. Use your Legion and baton to lay waste to him and don’t forget to dodge when necessary.

If you keep getting hit, take a step back and switch to your handgun to do some damage from afar. Your Legion and Akira can do a lot of damage to Laius, so don’t be afraid to step back.

Your Legion will attack on its own, but remember to pull it back if its meter starts to get low so you can recharge. After enough damage is dealt to Laius, it’ll throw a car at you and initiate a scripted event.

During this section, you’ll be required to dodge a series of cars. They’ll come at you head-on and you’ll have to maneuver left or right to avoid them. If you do take damage, it’s not the end of the world.

Although, if your health is low from the Laius fight, you’ll want to be more cautious during this section. After about 30 seconds of dodging, a cutscene will initiate.

Here, you’ll get some PlatinumGames goodness, with a bunch of explosions and wild camera angles. Enjoy the cutscene as your reward for taking out the boss.

Once you’ve made it to this section, you’ll be rewarded with XP and more healing items to use later on.

After the cutscene, you’ll you’ll get File 1’s final results, which means you’re ready to move on to File 2: Awake.

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