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Astral Chain Training With Jin Walkthrough

Training With Jin Walkthrough

It’s probably a good idea to look into the options towards the bottom since those dive into more complex mechanics.

This section will also show you how to use IRIS (Integrated Reality Imaging System). Jin will give you the Legatus Cradle and then give you a list of options to choose from.

IRIS is similar to a detective mode that highlights important points of interest for you. Using this to solve clues will help you a great deal.

Once you have the hang of the IRIS, you can go to the training program to select a training mission. For the purposes of File 2, you only actually need to complete one mission.

But take a moment to train in whichever areas you’d like. Keep in mind, once you end the training, you won’t be able to train for the duration of this mission, so make sure you’re finished.

You’ll then get a notice that the police has requested Neuron’s assistance. To start, head to the command room for the briefing.

The command room is marked on your map with a waypoint and can be found on floor B2.

When you arrive, you’ll be introduced to Olive Espino, the Neuron Dispatcher. She will communicate with you when you’re out on the field and give you direction.

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You’ll be told that many gates have been opened in the city. These aren’t normal gates, but instead ones that could lead to another dimension. Most importantly, though, these gates also point to chimeras roaming the city.

After your briefing, you’ll need to head to the roof to initiate the next mission. A waypoint will guide you there.

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