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Astroneer – How to Get Iron

Iron Locations

Iron is the refined version of Hematite. It is refined with the use of a Smelting Furnace.

It can also be acquired via the Trade Platform.

To craft the following:

  • Atmospheric Condenser
  • Medium Shredder
  • Large Shredder
  • Large Platform C
  • Extra Large Platform A
  • Extra Large Platform B
  • Extra Large Storage
  • Trade Platform

Find Iron

Need iron to build that so you have to find some first!

If you can build your trade platform and shred stuff around the planet, you can easily get iron, it’s very cheap.

On exotic you have to go pretty deep to find Hematite. They are not very common there. Probably same as with Titanite on terran.

As soon as you feel you need iron, hop to Tundra. Start a base and dig yourself a cave entrance. Lots of hematite (iron), spalerite (zinc) and titanite (titanium) here. Plus, in its caves there are many metallic green research pods worth 8,600 bytes a piece (two research chambers + two of these research pods = 17,200 bytes). Hop in your shuttle, backpack full of iron, and go to Barren. Swap iron for copper and lithium, hop back to Tundra. Make solar panels, medium batteries and finish your base. Research two more of those green research pods. Fill your backpack with iron/titanium and hop back to Barren. Finish your base, fill backpack with iron and tungsten, and return home. By that time you will have probably unlocked a good amount of items. Return to Barren/Tundra at your leisure if you need more of those materials.

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