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Astroneer – Unlocking Gateways

Unlocking Gateways

Finding Gateways

Gateways can be seen from orbit, as well as found by following the beacon they emit as long as they are within field of view.

[Unpowered Gateway]

Charging the Gateway

[Gateway socket]

[Charging Gateway]

The gateway requires a certain amount of power to be transferred for a small amount of time, so make sure you bring either a strong enough generator or a small/medium battery. If you are using your rover to charge, remember to bring an extender or a platform through which to transfer the power.

Once the Gateway is charged you can interact with the object in the centre to open up the gateway interface, allowing you to teleport between the gateways you have unlocked. Bear in mind that oxygen cannot travel through a gateway, so make sure both have a tethered connection.

[Unlocked Gateway]

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