Atlas How to Fill Blue Vitamin D Bar

Vitamins are displayed by different colors on your stat bar. This guide will focus specifically on How To Fill Blue Vitamin Bar In Atlas, as it’s a lot more difficult to fill than the Yellow, Purple and Orange Vitamins.

Atlas borrows the survival systems from ARK: Survival Evolved. You must stay fed and hydrated otherwise you start to suffer serious penalties. However, there’s further depth added to this system in Atlas as players also need to worry about the type of food, not just filling the health bar. A balanced diet is they secret. Pirates, known for healthy lifestyles.

How to Fill Blue Vitamin D Bar

When you inspect a food item in your inventory or on your hotbar, you will notice small colored arrows in the corner of each icon. These arrows represent the Vitamin they boos. For example, cooked meat has a purple arrow pointing upwards. This means eating cooked meat will boost your purple Vitamin.

The others are mostly handled through berries except for the Blue Vitamin. So far, this appears to be exclusively tied to fish. You need to travel a short distance from shore and use your spear to kill fish, or fish with a rod.

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