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Atlas How to Save an Atlas Character Preset

How to save an Atlas Character Preset

You spend an hour creating your perfect character in Atlas and then for whatever reason you have to restart the game. Bye-bye character preset!

I’m going to show you how to save your preset so that when bad things happen you can use your old preset in a new game!

  • 1st Make a shortcut to your ATLAS directory in “This part is different for your location/steamspps/common/ directory.“
  • 2nd Make your new preset (or use your old one if you made it and didn’t erase it) and remember its name!
  • 3rd Navigate to “Atlas/ShooterGame/Saved/SavedAtlasLocal”, and copy the file “YourProfileName.arkcharactersetting” file.
  • 4th Save the copy to a safe location.

Now how to use it:

  • When you start a new game save a preset with the same profile name you used before. Then ALT-TAB out of Atlas and copy your original Preset and paste it to “Atlas/ShooterGame/Saved/SavedAtlasLocal”.
  • It will overwrite your new preset with your old character.
  • ALT-TAB back to Atlas and load your preset. You’re done.
  • Your old character is reborn and ready to play.

A word of warning: Don’t try to use a male preset to make a female character!

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Written by tajocelyn

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