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Atlas How to Setup Dedicated Server

This guide shows you what is required to get your very own Atlas dedicated server up and running.

Installation of Server Files

The first step is to retrieve the files for the game, this is done via SteamCMD.

Download SteamCMD for Windows.

Once you have SteamCMD, run the following command:

steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\atlasserver +app_update 1006030 validate +exit

Note: You can adjust the +force_install_dir paramter to the directory you want to download the server to.

This will then download the entire game, Once completed, it’s time to setup the server configuration.

Server Configuration

In this section we define the options on configuration and some basic commandline parameters

The best method for a self-hosted solution is to use the provided .batch file

Inside pixarkserver\ folder where you downloaded the game files, create a bat file e.g. start.bat

Inside the .bat file enter in this:

  • start /high C:\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe Ocean?ServerX=0?ServerY=0?AltSaveDirectoryName=00?ServerAdminPassword=123?MaxPlayers=125?ReservedPlayerSlots=25?QueryPort=57561?Port=5761?SeamlessIP= -log -server -NoBattlEye

Change parameters as required e.g. change max players to max players desired. Change ServerAdminPassword for admin\rcon purposes.

Next up, you need the official server grid tool here:

ServerGridEditor (Hit “Clone or Download” then “Download Zip”)

Open the tool and configure how you want, two templates are provided under projects you can use for premade templates. Ports are defined in the commandline but try to match them.

How do I set the server name?

In the edit project, your server name is the “friendly name” This is what people will see.

How do I set a server password?

“Atlas password” box in the edit project section.

Where do I put the ServerGrid.Json file after I export it?

You put this in the folder you installed the server at, inside it’s subfolder: shootergame\ e.g. C:/MYSERVER\shootergame\

Running the Server

The best method for a self-hosted solution is to use the created .bat file you created above

Inside the folder you set with steamcmd to install the files above, use the atlasserver\ folder where you downloaded the game files, Run Start.bat.

Please note some port-forwarding may be required, by default the server will use port 7777 and 27015, each servergrid uses unique ports and runs a seperate process! you should unblock these port in your firewall\router.

If setting up your own server is too much work for you, then please consider renting a server from Citadel Servers – They setup everything for you and offer over 20 locations worldwide, i would highly recommend them

Written by Silver Knight

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