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Atlas Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

1- Creating your first tool means you need to find Stone, Wood, and Fiber. Stone can be picked up along beaches in rocky areas. Wood can be harvested from certain bushes and by punching trees or driftwood. Fiber is gathered from certain types of bushes too. Once you have enough, you can make a Stone Pick.

2- Take care of your vitamin intake so you don’t die.

3- Eating Cooked Fish Meat will fill your Vitamin D bar.

4- Dig for water by left clicking on PC while laying down in a green area.

5- Multiple players can dig for water at the same time to get multiple Water Spouts instead of only one.

6- If you see a glowing animal or creature, that means it is an Alpha version of it. It will be a higher level, hit harder, and have more health.

7- Spears can break on use, so you should always have multiple if using them as a weapon.

8- You can respec for free once per level from the inventory screen.

9- While the game has a lot of different resources, most of them are the same. To give an example, hemp and straw are both “Fiber,” and you can see that as an icon next to their picture.

10- Cows and alligators drop prime meat.

11- Pigs have a pack mentality and will gang up on you.

12- Swimming does not drain stamina.

Escaping the Island

You’ll need to be around level six. EXP can be gained rather quickly through MURDER hunting.

Select the skill Construction, then go into the construction tree. Unlock Seamanship and you’re good to go!

Remember to bring plenty of food before setting out.

If you hit the level cap and can’t unlock it, don’t worry! You can respec for free from the inventory page once per level.

Food and Water

You need to eat four food groups to maintain a balance of nutrients.

  • Vitamin A: Vegetables
  • Vitamin B: Meat
  • Vitamin C: Berries
  • Vitamin D: Fish

Vegetables include Oregano, which looks like a VERY green bush with spade shaped leaves. Meat is self explanatory. Kill something. Berries look like a tall bush with red stuff all over them or an ankle high bush with flowers. Fish are in the water. Stab em with a spear, drag the corpse to shore, and butcher it.

Meat and fish are best harvested with a pickaxe, hatchet gathers more hide.

To get water, go prone and click the ground to begin a digging minigame. A spout of water will appear.

Do not overeat any food group, or you will get sick and probably die.

Basic Materials

Wood can be gathered by punching Trees with either your hands or a tool such as Pick or Hatchet. Harvesting from Trees using a Hatchet will provide you with more resources. Wood is used in a high percentage of recipes so make sure you’ve always got a lot of it.

Thatch can be gathered from Trees by using a Pick or Hatchet.

Stone can be gathered by punching Rocks with your hands or a Pick/Hatchet. Harvesting Stone with a Pick will net you more Stone so always use your Pickaxe if you have one. Stone is a much needed resource so always have enough of it stored in your inventory.

Flint can be gathered from Rocks only by using a tool.

Coal can be gathered from Rocks only by harvesting with a Stone Pick.

Meat can be harvested from dead animals — you will need lots of it in order to keep your Protein vitamins up.

Hide is a much needed crafting resource for items and some gear or even structures, you can get it from animals.

Fruit – there are a lot of variants of fruits, it doesn’t matter which ones you get as long as you can keep your Fruit vitamins up.

Fish meat can be acquired from killing Fish which roam the seas. Kill the fish under water, bring it to the surface and harvest ingredients from it by punching it with a tool. Fish meat is a little bit hard to get because you can get attacked by Sharks whilst you’re diving under water in search for food.

How to Cook Meat and Food

Once you’ve got your fill of meat or fish, you need to build a camp fire. Once your camp fire is built place all of your uncooked meat onto the camp fire by opening its inventory with E. The order you place is the order it is cooked, so if you want your fish cooked first, put them into the fire first.

Next you need to place fuel on the fire. Wood is the most common and accessible fuel on the starting islands. Place enough fuel to keep it going for a while, 20-30 logs should do it. Then select Light Fire. This will light the fire and cook the food over time.

Be careful, even on PvE servers people are able to interact with your campfire and take any items from its inventory.

Character Stats

There is a total of 8 Character stats: Health, Stamina, Food, Water, Oxygen, Fortitude, Weight and Intelligence.

Health is in my opinion the most important Character Stat and you should lots of points into it — especially if you intend to do PvP Ship raids.

Stamina is situational, meaning it depends on what kind of content you’re aiming to do.

Food I would advise against placing a lot of stat points into it because if you’re a serious player you MUST have consumption-ready food in your inventory at all times.

Water is a good thing to stat into because you might sometimes find yourself dehydrated.

Oxygen only good if you plan on diving a lot.

Fortitude grants you more defense.

Intelligence – self explanatory.

Weight – lets you carry more items in your inventory (Load stat).

The best character stat build is obviously to put a good amount of points into all of the stats that you think are necessary depending on your playstyle (PvP or PvE) and then max out your Health.

Atlas How to Fish

Now, what about the more traditional route, using a fishing rod? Firstly, you need to make an actual Fishing Rod. You will then also need some bait and a chair. To make the Fishing Rod, you need to unlock Tools of the Trade and then Advanced Tools in the Survivalism tree. You then need to unlock Construction in the same tree before unlocking Basics of Building in the Construction & Mercantilism tree.

Once you have those, place your chair. Now you need some bait for your rod. You can use sugar based items, such as Sugar Cane and Sap, found in abundance on the starting islands. Drag the bait to your rod. Now, place your Fishing Rod into slot 3 of your hotbar and sit on the chair. Look at the water, select your rod, a blue cursor appears. Left click to cast your rod.

There doesn’t appear to be any visual hint when you get a fish on the hook so the spear method is likely the easiest at the moment.

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