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ATOM RPG – Distinction

ATOM RPG – Distinction

When you create a hero in ATOM RPG you will have to match his features. You can choose from 7 features. You can freely distribute the points according to your idea. Below is a description of each option available to help you make your choice.


Influence on gameplay: you can get meat from killed people.

Impact on statistics: -2 Personality, +15 Survival.


Influence on the game: you can gain companions.

For everyone who follows you, you get +7 Speechcraft, +5 First Aid, +5 Barter, -1 Attention, -1 Dexterity.

Bonus for followers: +1 Dexterity, +1 Endurance.

Savage hunter:

Influence on gameplay: you can skin animals without using a knife; +20% damage to the animals.

Impact on statistics: -2 Personalities; -15 Carry weight.

Anabolics Fan:

Effects on gameplay: resistance to radiation and toxic substances.

Impact on statistics: +2 Strength, -1 Intellect, -8 Dodge, -5 Radiation, +20kg Carry Weight.

Shooting Gallery Fan:

Influence on gameplay: increased accuracy.

Impact on statistics: +15 skills related to firearms; +5 Sequence, -15 Unarmed, -1 Endurance.

Lucky One:

Influence on gameplay: increased accuracy.

Impact on statistics: +3 Luck, +2; Personality, +15 Speechcraft, -1 Endurance, -10 For all skills except Speechcraft and Gambling.


Influence on gameplay: you are rarely hungry.

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Impact on statistics: +10 Survival, -1 Strength, -7 Carry weight.

Hobby Engineer:

Influence on gameplay: you start the game with basic recipes for creating items;

Impact on statistics: -1 Attention, -1 Personality, +20 Tinkering, and Technology.


Influence on gameplay: you become hungry twice as fast.

Impact on statistics: +2 Endurance.


Influence on gameplay: you are better at handling mechanical than electrical devices.

Impact on statistics: +1 Strength; +1 Endurance, -30 Technology; -30 Crafting.

Black Belt:

Influence on gameplay: you are better at fighting with melee weapons than with firearms.

Impact on statistics: +1 Endurance, +15 Martial Arts, +15 Melee Weapons, -5 Dodge.

Unlucky Optimist:

Influence on gameplay: you have less chance of critical damage, but if successful, the damage is significantly increased.

Impact on statistics: +2 Endurance, -1 Luck.

Slick Dealer:

Influence on gameplay: you are more likely to bargain for a better price.

Impact on statistics: +1 Personality, +1 Attention, +10 Barter, +10 Speechcraft, -5 Sequence, -1 Strength, -10 Carry weight.

Child Prodigy:

Influence on the game: reduced experience points by 50%.

Impact on statistics: +1 Intellect, +1 Personality, +1 Attention.

Cursed Sniper:

Influence on the gameplay: +7% chance of a correct shot, -10% chance of a regular shot.

Impact on statistics: +2 Attention, -2 Luck, -7 Sequence.

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Influence on the game: -10 to all skills related to combat, you can solve conflicts through discussion.

Impact on statistics: +3 Personality, +20 Speechcraft, -1 Strength, -3 Sequence.

Morphine Doctor:

Influence on the game: +50% of chances for addiction.

Impact on statistics: +1 Intellect, +10 First Aid.

Circus Education:

Influence on gameplay: increases the chances of avoiding punishment for theft.

Impact on statistics: +1 Dexterity, +15 Sneak, +10 Lock Picking and Pickpocket, -20 kg Carry weight, -7 Sequence.

Lone Wolf:

Impact on statistics:

When alone: +2 Attention, +5 Sequence, +10 kilograms to Carry Weight.

When someone follows you: -2 Attention; -20 Survival, -7 Sequence.

Sex Appeal:

Impact on gameplay: you are very appealing to the opposite sex, but people of the same sex are often jealous.

Impact on statistics: +2 Personality and +15 Barter/Handel with the opposite sex; -2 Personality/Personality and -15 Barter/Handel with the same sex.

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