ATOM RPG – How to get a fishing rod?


How to get a fishing rod?

Playing ATOM RPG, you will find out over time that your biggest opponent is hunger. If you want to find a quick and safe way to cope with hunger, get a fishing rod. You will be able to fish with it, which you will later throw on the fire and you will be able to eat with taste.

In order to get the fishing rod – or more precisely the ability to fish – you have to go to the fisherman waiting at the pond in Ostradnoye. After talking to him, you will learn that he will share valuable knowledge with you, in exchange for a bottle of vodka.

Get your vodka at the bar. There, in exchange for other interesting items, you can get a bottle.

Return to the fisherman with the bottle. Give it to him and you will get valuable knowledge. It allows you to fish in the designated spots – wherever you can find a rod.

Remember that in order to fish you have to get the lure. It is best to collect animal remnants (e.g. spiders). In this way, you will be able to easily get the lure at night, and during the day, you will be able to spend time fishing and eating.

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