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ATOM RPG – How to Kill a Rat?

How to Kill a Rat?

Before you enter the shelter, buy medicines and good weapons. Remember that a rat will always hit you, can knock you down on the ground and take a few valuable rounds.

When you enter the shelter, take out your best weapon and face your opponent.

Remember that a rat can hit you three times in one round. It is best to leave enough points after each attack to move away from the rat as far as possible. This way you will deprive him of the ability to deal you three blows.

When fighting a rat, remember to heal yourself constantly. This opponent can quickly take out a lot of your health points.

Rat is dead, what’s next?

After killing the rat, take all his items. One of them will be Toy Sword, place him as an active item.

In the corner stands a Nutcracker, use the Toy sword on it and you will get an item.

What to spend the money on?

As golden walnut costs over 300 you will have a lot of cash to spend. Remember, however, that you have to spend it at once, not in parts, so think carefully about your purchases.

It’s best if you buy good weapons and ammunition with that money. Foods or medicines can also be a good idea. These will make it much easier for you to survive.

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