ATOM RPG – Old Man Walkthrough

Old Man Walkthrough

In Otradnoye, you can get a shovel for free. It’s not suitable for attacking enemies, but it’s great for digging holes and opening graves. With a shovel you can get a lot of additional valuable items. There is a cemetery near the city. Nobody will pay attention to the fact that you dig graves. This way will be able to obtain a lot of resources.

To get a shovel in ATOM RPG the first thing you have to do is to talk to an old man. He will ask you to harvest and bring corn.

Corn is just behind his hut. In the field, in addition to corn, you will find a shovel. You can pick it up and store it in your inventory.

Take corn to the old man and he will give you one flask and weapon. In addition, you will get experience points for completing the task.

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