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Bad North – Strategy Tips

Strategy Tips

  • The surface level strategy to bad north follows a rock-paper-scissors dynamic: Shields beat projectiles, projectiles beat polearms, polearms beat shields.
  • It’s always a good idea to study the island before you commit to a battle and plan out your units’ positions and backup plans. When you choose an island on the campaign map, the choice isn’t final, so if an island appears very difficult to defend you can always back out and choose another one.
  • Having a unit retreat to replenish is always a risk, so you should be confident in your other units’ ability to hold out while your force is weakened.
  • Try to plan out your upgrades ahead of time. There’s little point to spreading gold out thinly, as the sooner you can upgrade your forces, the easier it will be to get more. Try to focus on one upgrade at a time.
  • After securing an island with a question mark, you will find an item that can be equipped to one of your units. Islands with banners have a local militia, who will join you for the battle, taking up one of your four unit slots for that island. Once the battle is won, they permanently join your army.
  • If you have enough units, you can secure multiple islands in one turn. This allows you to collect gold from islands that would otherwise be lost.
  • Don’t race to the end of the campaign. An FTL-esque wave of slaughter follows your progress, and any island not previously secured will be lost once the line passes it. Each island you secure will reward you with gold and items. This means the more islands you can visit, the stronger your units will be relative to the enemies, who scale based on your progress along the campaign map.
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