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Baldr Sky Walkthrough & Endings Guide

Baldr Sky Walkthrough for Steam.

Baldr Sky Walkthrough

Route walkthrough

Things to note:

  • 1. You get scenario skip after clearing true route good ending
  • 2. You get battle skip after clearing all endings
  • 3. Secret files are unlocked via survival mode
  • 4. Dive 1 has 3 routes, dive 2 has 3 routes
  • 5. Routes are semi linear, you have to unlock them in order
  • 6. Dive 1 route unlock order spoiler: Rain > Nanoha > Chinatsu
  • 7. Dive 2 route unlock order spoiler: Aki > Makoto > Sora
  • 8. Some routes have a “humiliation scene” your battle time here determines some of the endings
  • 9. Main female lead of route spoiler tagged
  • 10. Keep all your progress in a single save file

Dive 1, Route 1 Rain

Endings completely dependent on humiliation scene timings in chapter 10, total of 5 humiliation scenes, to see all scenes, spend 2 mins or more per fight

Good end
1st stage – unlocks Spectral Missile
2nd stage

Normal end
3rd stage
4th stage
5th stage

Dive 1, Route 2 Nanoha

Total of 6 humiliation scenes in chapter 12, time for each stated below
Entry requirement: Chapter 4 [Dive 1 Route 1], “Choose to contact Aki”

Good end
Defeat final boss
1st stage – 1:44 or less, unlocks Gigantic field
2nd stage – 1:45 ~ 2:14 [First priestess prompt]
3rd stage – 2:15 ~ 2:44 [Second priestess prompt]

Normal end
4th stage – 2:45 ~ 3:14
5th stage – 3:15 ~ 3:44

Dead end
6th stage – 3:45 or more

Bad end
Loose final boss fight (timing does not matter except dead end)

Dive 1, Route 3 Chinatsu

Entry requirement:
Chapter 1, Choose new option “Rain…”
Chapter 4, Choose “Fine”

Good end
Chapter 14, Choose “I want to believe”
Defeat the final boss

Normal end
Loose to final boss

Bad end
Chapter 14, Choose “I still can’t believe”

Dive 2, Route 1 Aki

Entry requirement:
Branches from Dive 1, Route 3 chapter 6 depending on new choices
Chapter 5, Choose “Leave the dorm with her”
Chapter 6, Choose “Eat breakfast first”
Chapter 6, Choose

Good end
Chapter 10, beat timed event within time limit
Chapter 12, Choose
Chapter 13, Win all fights

Normal end
Chapter 10, dont beat timed event within time limit
Chapter 12, Choose “Tell her the truth and have her understand”
Chapter 13, Win all fights

Bad end
Chapter 13, Loose fight where

Dive 2, Route 2 Makoto

Entry requirement:
After Dive 2, Route 1, you unlock Reminiscence in main menu, complete ALL nodes
Chapter 1, Choose “Figure out the situation”

Good end
Chapter 13, defeat final boss

Normal end
Chapter 13, loose to final boss

Dive 2, Route 3 Sora

Entry requirement:
Chapter 1, Choose “Just attack” (new option after D2,R2)

Good end
Chapter 11, Choose “What if she’s actually jealous?”
Chapter 11, Win the battle against

Normal end
Chapter 11, Choose “This is we’re talking about. She supports us”
Chapter 11, Loose the battle against

True ending
Entry requirement:
After clearing Dive 2, Route 3, receive 2 new plugins, , enable them both
Scenario skip to Dive 2, Route 3 chapter 11 with plugins enabled, completed Dive 2, Route 3

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