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Baldur’s Gate 3 Astarion Romance Guide

Players that develop enough relationship with a Companion, will get the chance to romantically interact with them creating a deeper relationship and even having s*x.

Your Companions will form opinions about your character based on your actions and your dialog choices, as well as the factions that you choose to side with.

Having a Romance with one of your Companions will also affect the opinion that other Companions have about your character.

Astarion Romance Guide

Romantic Description Including Interests and Personality.

Important Approval Choices

Approval Up:

  1. Join Lae’Zal against the Tieflings if you Persuade them to free her.
  2. Tell Auntie Ethel you have a tadpol in your head at the Druid Grove
  3. Try to persuade the goblin guard outside the Blighted Village
  4. Decline the Devil’s invitation to remove your Tadpole
  5. Respond to Volo in the Goblin Camp with “-“
  6. Make Novice Crusher kiss your foot in the Goblin Camp
  7. Let Astarion suck your blood in Camp.
  8. Persuade him to share his dream with you ( Dialogue after night 4 at the Camp)
  9. Say you cower him up ( … if he covers you” – also works) in the same dialogue
  10. Support Astarion in the dialogue with the team after the bite in the Camp
  11. Agree to help tiefling Karlah ( don’t know the exact name, I play in Russian)
  12. Decide to kill a hunter which looking for Astarion ( the hunter is located nearby Ethel’s home)
  13. Say that drinking enemies’ blood during the fight is a good idea (dialogue starts when you say that you’ve been thinking about last night)
  14. In the conversation with Shadowheart after the Night 6, support the Astarion’s idea to continue usage of Tadpoles’ power
  15. Let Arka kill Sazza in the Druid Camps Makeshift Prison.
  16. Tell him that the refugees are desperate, and will do anything.
  17. Tell Kagha the Archdruid you enjoyed her show when she asks if you think she’s a monster.
  18. If you choose to walk in on a bugbear and an ogre named Grukkoh and Buthir having sex at the north side of the Blighted Village in an abandoned barn.
  19. Agree to share your bed with him after the tiefling party at camp
  20. Kill the Gut
  21. Demand boots in the dialogue with Tulla ( in the underdark, mushrooms camp)
  22. Agree to kill dark dwarfs for “mushrooms” leader
  23. Do not excuse for using the power of Tadpoles ( dialogue with the party at the Camp)
  24. Agree to be tortured by Levietar priest ( Goblin Camp; castle)
  25. Tell Abdirak you’re curious as well (the follower of Loviatar in the goblin camp)
  26. Agree to open the gate for goblin raiders.
  27. Fight the fake god Boooal in THE FESTERING COVE.
  28. Ask for “Compensation for Effort” in dialogue with Bark Root (guy who was tied to the windmill)
  29. Agree to be tortured/telling Abdirak you’re curious are the same thing
  30. Crushing the tadpole that comes out of True Soul Edowin. In the dialogue immediately afterward he will approve if you say “they practically worshipped us. that could be useful” 
  31. Let the Koa-Toes bow to you as the Booa’s chosen

Approval Down:

  1. Agree to help Wyll save the refugees in the Druid Grove
  2. Question his attitude towards the controlled fishermen at Nautiloid wreckage
  3. Say that the Druids overreacted when speaking to Marriko and Locke in the Druid Grove
  4. Agree to help Zevlor
  5. Smear dung on your face when Sentinel Olak askes you to
  6. Let True Soul Gut in the Goblin Camp clear your mind
  7. Take the poison from the Druid apprentice
  8. Agree to help find Marina/Morina ( on the way to auntie Ethel)
  9. Read the Necromancer Tome from Search the Cellar
  10. Persuade the Tiefling and Human to calm down when they’re arguing at the Druid’s Grove. It doesn’t appear as though he will approve of any of the options available
  11. Reveal his identity to the monster hunter.
  12. Failing the persuasion check asking him to explain his dream
  13. Killing mayrina’s zombie husband after bringing him back with the Hag’s wand
  14. Promise Nettie to take Wyvern Poison if you feel symptoms of the tadpole (after intimidating/persuading/decepting her).

Acquiring A Positive Opinion

In order to begin a romantic relationship with one of your Companions you’ll first need to create a positive opinion. This can be achieved by performing actions your desired Companion approves and avoiding actions that he disproves. These actions include every action that the player takes regarding other NPCs and how you handle different situations

Aiding your desired companion in his personal objectives is also key to develop a romantic relationship. You can talk with them during the campaign or during your adventure to help them sort their individual quests.

Each Companion has different ideologies, so learning about their personalities will help you achieve your romantic goal. You can learn more about each Companion by visiting the Companions page.

Starting A Romance & Camp

The Camp is the best place to grow your relationship with your Companions. While you are at the Camp screen (while you are resting), you’ll be able to have deeper interaction and conversations with your them. When a companion has developed enough confidence in you, you’ll get the chance to engage him in a romantic dialog starting the Romance.

Once you successfully engage a Companion Romantically, you’ll have more Dialog options which can lead into intimacy.

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