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Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide to Easy Infinite Gold (Exploit – No Long Rest Needed)

An easy way to pickpocket infinite gold – no Long Rest or complicated character/loot shuffling needed.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide to Easy Infinite Gold (Exploit – No Long Rest Needed)

Easy Infinite Gold Steps

Make sure your character is at least level 2 – though the higher level you are, the more times you can use this exploit before needing to respec (via Withers for 100 gold).

This guide exploits the mechanism whereby vendors reset their inventory every time your character levels up:

  • Go to Emerald Grove. The vendors here usually only have 500 gold, so chance of success isn’t bad (Underdark vendors have 1300 gold, which means you need to roll like 21 to succeed).
  • Pickpocket the gold off of both vendors (do NOT attempt to pickpocket Auntie Ethel, if she’s still there – her perception is too high. Just get the other two vendors: Dammon & Arron).
  • Arron is very easy to pickpocket, as there are no other NPC’s nearby and he always has his back turned. After successful pickpocket, hide downhill behind him.
  • Dammon may look tricky to pickpocket bu there’s a spot right next to his forge that is a tiny blind spot you can enter sneak mode at. After successful pickpocket, run into the prison area to hide – it doesn’t matter if he sees you running away. NPC’s don’t realize they’ve been pickpocketed until about a full turn later.
  • Go to Camp & use Withers to respec one of your characters. Level up ONLY ONCE!
  • Go back to the vendors, their gold is replenished. Pickpocket them both, then level up again (if you are higher than level 2).
  • Rinse and repeat until your hit your current max level, then go to Withers and respec again. Then you are ready to do it all over again.
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This method not only work for infinite gold, but you can use it to get as much supplies you need as well (e.g. camping supplies) by keep resetting vendors and pickpocketing what you need.

Written by Simoom

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