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Baldur’s Gate 3 Save The Goblin Sazza Walkthrough


  • Free Sazza
  • Escort Sazza out of Grove
  • Reach the Goblin camp

Save The Goblin Sazza Walkthrough

  • Stop the Tiefling Arka from killing Sazza at the makeshift prison of Druid Grove. (Persuasion or Intimidation checks)
  • Talk to Sazza, and learn the information of a Priestess. Sazza agrees to lead you to that priestess if you managed to free her from the prison.
  • Now you need to escort Sazza out of Grove.
  • Near the makeshift prison, there’s a platform you can jump on. Succeed in perception check will reveal a hidden door, which leads to Underground Passage. This passage can take you to the forest, the safest way to leave Grove without been caught.
  • The goblin camp is at the north of Blighted Villiage, inside the Shattered Sanctum you will meet the leaders of the goblin camp. The priestess agrees to help, if you manage to open the gate of Grove and help her slaughter the refugees.

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