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Baldur’s Gate 3 Save The Refugees Walkthrough

Save The Refugees Walkthrough

Save The Refugees Objectives

  • Wyll wants to defeat the goblin leaders to give the Tieflings a chance once they’re back on the road.
  • Kagha, leader of the Druids, wants to speak with us.
  • Kagha wants us to make the Tieflings leave – she fears the grove cannot support both of them and itself.

Save The Refugees Walkthrough

  • Kagha, the leader of the Druids decide to close the grove and expel all the Tiefling refugees. 
  • If you saved the Goblin Sazza at makeshift prison (Quest Save the Goblin Sazza). The priestess want you to help her open the gate of Druid Grove and slaughter all the refugees.
  • The Goblin camp lies to the northwest of Blighted Village. To infiltrate the goblin camp, you can have goblin Sazza to vouch for you. (Quest Save the Goblin Sazza) Use the passage on the right of the front gate. (Use jump to reach there). Or, you can try to persuade the goblin garrison, by using the
  • If you want to defeat the goblins, you need to kill all the goblin leaders. (Dror Ragzlin, Priestess Gut, and the drow Minthara)
  • Halsin is imprisoned in Worg Pen, in the form of a bear. You need to defeat the goblins in that area to free him.

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