Baldur’s Gate 3 Search The Cellar Walkthrough

Baldur's Gate 3


  • Find the Necromancer’s Book
  • (Optional) Destroy the ancient tome
  • (Optional) Unlock the ancient tome

Search The Cellar Walkthrough

Inside the doctor’s basement, there is a hidden lever behind three chests. Pull it to reveal the hidden passage behind the bookshelf.

To open this mirror, you need to make it believe you are an ally of its master. Tell it you despise Szass Tam (A legendary lich and leader of Red Wizard of Thay.), and you seek survival and power. If you give the wrong answer, this mirror will send an exploding construct to destroy you.

Behind this mirror, you find the necromancer’s lab, read his note to start the quest. The book is placed on an altar behind a locked door. Be careful when you take it, the door will be locked again and two fireball trap will be activated (pressure sensitive). Lockpick the door and run as soon as you got that book, or put some other object on the panel to deactivate the trap.

Now you will need the Dark Amethyst to open the tome, it can be found in Whispering Depth. There are 2 ways to enter this area. Either by using the well in Blighted Village, or through the basement of the house on the right of the village front gate.

(Break the wall to enter the Whispering Depth.)

You can use your rogue to sneak in and get the Dark Amethyst, or fight your way there. (Be very careful when you explore this area, there’s Phase Spider Matriarch near the waypoint. Defeat her and you can get Prisoner’s Robe )

Before you open the book (right-click and select to put on Dark Amethyst), cast divination guidance for better results and save the game. You will need to pass multiple Wisdom checks to finish reading. (Grants exp and Speak with Dead spell)

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