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Baldur’s Gate 3 Speaker for the Dead

If you thought the animals of Baldur’s Gate were gossips, you gotta meet the corpses.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Speaker for the Dead (spoiler-free)

It’s very easy to get started. In the same room where you meet Withers, you will find The Amulet of Lost Voices.

Speaker for the Dead (spoiler-free)

This amulet is your free pass to speaking with any corpse that has a tale to tell, and it’s the opposite of the hassle you might expect.

  • It allows anyone to attempt communication with the dead at will regardless of skills or class or abilities
  • If you try it and it fails (or if it works), any other corpses you see for the rest of the day will glow if they have anything to say
  • One more time, recast it at will and you get a glowing halo pointing you to clues
  • No concentration conflicts

The only real cost is that someone has to be wearing the amulet, and sometimes you want to wear something else (it isn’t cursed, you can switch any time).

How to cast it

If you have the amulet equipped the icon to cast the spell will be on the common tab.

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If you only use the custom tab of the toolbar (rock on!), you can drag it on from the skills (k) > common tab.

Speaker for the Dead (spoiler-free)

Technically it’s one cast per day with infinite re-casts while you keep the necklace on. That only really matters because after the first time you use it each day you will find the new ability to recast on an extra section of the toolbar that is only visible when there’s something to see.

It also means that if you take it off, even if someone else puts it on, it won’t work again until you take a long rest.

No concentration necessary, and it doesn’t conflict with other “recast” spells like hex or hunter’s mark.

The rules of the seance

There are a bunch of reasons why a corpse might not speak to you, but the most avoidable ones are:

  • “Someone” wrecked its face with magic, so it can’t
  • It recalls you being the “someone” who snuffed it, so it won’t

You only get one shot at any given corpse unless you reload, so if you think you might be recognized you can take precautions with a disguise (as from the spell or a certain digital deluxe item).

That’s it.

That’s all I got. This is just an orientation, not some master class. Get back to work, flayer-slayer. That’s what I’m going to do.

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Written by Lucky Mud

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