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Bannermen – Introduction for Beginners (Multiplayer)

Let Lord Berrian teach you the basics of Bannermen and what you can do to achieve victory within the Valtorian realm. With his wit and charming attitude he has proven himself to be one of the best minds in warfare.


Bannermen is a modern take on the classical RTS genre. This guide is going to focus on the multiplayer.

You can play anything between 1vs1 > 4vs4 in our multiplayer mode.

There are 2 resources (wood & gold) which both can be gathered from your starting base (gathering base). Wood resource is the most abundant of and is required for everything while gold is used to by more advanced units wich useally are supply effective.

Supply is required for housing your army and increases by building Houses and Gathering bases. All units require supply, but no building does.

You build an army by purchasing a Training Camp and producing Footmen, Archers or Jesters. These are simple units which can be obtained early. More advanced units require either Workshop, King’s Court, Academy or a combination of those.

In every game you can purchase 1 out of 3 Lords. They are a stronger than your regular unit and each of them have 4 unique abilities.

Lady Vanya, Lord Berrian and Lord Karthor.

Alpha (temporary)

To find matches in the multiplayer you have to either make your own lobby or join a preexisting lobby. If you are looking for people to play with you should join the Discord and use the #looking-for-game-region channels.

Join a preexisting lobby
Enter lobby-ID in the field below and press “Connect” to join someone else’s lobby.

Make your own lobby
You can also make your own lobby after selecting the map you wish to play on. Notice that all maps supports different amount of maximum players. So to play with many people you need to select a map which can support many players.

Copy your lobby-ID after navigating to Multiplayer > Costum > Map name.

Notice: In the future there will be matchmaking along with ranking.

Written by PlayZor

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