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Barony How to Defeat Herx

This guide aims to assist you in defeating Herx, given you’re having trouble reaching him.

Barony How to Defeat Herx


If you’re reading this, it means you have been having trouble reaching and defeating Herx. I hope this guide will be adequate in helping you reach Herx’s Lair.

Melee Basics

Barony’s melee gameplay is unique in that most scenarios encourage strategy rather than facing your foes head on.

Stand fast or make a move. If your class is skilled in shields, you should have little to no problem fighting head on. However, some enemies and weapons can deal damage through shields. This may be because the weapon ignores shields, or because the damage dealt exceeds your current AC. If the enemy is dealing fatal damage, back off and return when you’re better equipped. If you fear you are still ill-equipped, ignore the enemy completely and find something weaker to slay.

Classes not skilled in shields should always avoid face-to-face combat. Attack from the shadows and kite your enemy around corners and props, but be sure not to get hit. This doesn’t mean shields should be ignored! If your offhand isn’t occupied always equip a shield, or even just a torch. Cursed items should be considered too, if no other option is available. Just make sure you have a way to remove it.

Ranged Basics

Barony’s ranged gameplay can feel weak and clunky at times, but with the right ammunition it can prove to be powerful.

Use ammunition when it’s needed, not when it’s available. Barony has many different types of arrows:

Sorted by rarity

  • Swift Ammunition (-2 ATK) is a trade-off that increases the speed at which you fire arrows at the cost of lower damage output. This is the most common quiver.
  • Springshot Ammunition (+4 ATK) pushes enemies a good distance away. Paired with D.O.T (Damage Over Time) ammunition, it can be prove to be very useful.
  • Silver Ammunition (+2 ATK) smites undead and demonic enemies, like skeletons and succubi for example.
  • Fire Ammunition (+2 ATK) ignites most enemies, dealing D.O.T and lighting up a small area around the target.
  • Hunting Ammunition (+2 ATK) inflicts enemies with slowness and poison. Very useful for fast or strong enemies.
  • Piercing Ammunition (+4 ATK) ignores armour, dealing direct damage. Useful for tough or armoured enemies.
  • Crystal Ammunition (+6 ATK) is a simple Arrow upgrade. It is near-impossible for this ammo to generate naturally pre-Herx, but becomes much more common beyond Hamlet.

Most ammunition types are situational and shouldn’t be used for the sake of using them. Finish off weak enemies with basic or plentiful arrows, and stock up on any ammunition you can find. Keep your distance and you’ll have a much easier experience.

Spellcasting… Basics?

Barony has over 20+ spells, each with their own function.

Don’t use spells unless your class is well-versed. Classes that focus on melee or ranged damage should rely on their related skills. Avoid wasting time on learning and casting spells.

Aggressive spells:

  • Forcebolt (5 MP) is a Novice level spell. It can be learned by even the stupidest classes by the time they reach The Swamps. It deals little damage, but its MP cost is reduced to zero if your Casting skill reaches 100 (Legendary)
  • Fireball (7 MP) deals moderate damage and has a chance to ignite enemies hit by it. It is a Basic level spell.
  • Cold (6 MP) deals moderate damage and slows enemies hit by it. It is a Skilled level spell.
  • Lightning (6 MP) deals high damage, but has a slightly slower cast time. It is an Expert level spell.
  • Magic Missile (7 MP) deals high damage, and has an increased radius. It is an Expert level spell.
  • Bloodletting (11 MP) deals very high damage and inflicts bleed. It is a Master level spell. Vampires start with this spell by default.
  • Spray Acid (21 MP) sprays three low-range spells in front of the caster. It has a chance to destroy multiple pieces of armour at once. It is a Master level spell.

Defensive spells:

  • Magic Reflect (10 MP + 1 MP/6s) grants magic reflection, much like amulets and cloaks of Magic Reflection. It is a Master level spell.

Affliction spells:

  • Sleep (4 MP) forces the target into a deep sleep. It is a Basic level spell.
  • Confuse (16 MP) applies confusion, causing the target to attack anything it sees, even its own kind. It is a Basic level spell.
  • Slow (4 MP) applies slowness to the target. It is a Basic level spell.
  • Poison (5 MP) applies poison, causing the target to take D.O.T. It is a Skilled level spell. Could be considered an aggressive spell.
  • Stoneblood (21 MP) fires three low-range spells in front of the caster, applying paralysis to the target. It is a Master level spell.
  • Charm Monster (50 MP) turns most enemies friendly. Used by Succubi and and the Mesmer class, otherwise unobtainable by other classes.
  • Dominate (21 MP + target’s HP) converts any normal enemy into a friendly follower. This spell can be fatal if used improperly, as it makes up for lost MP by draining your health. It is a Legend level spell, and cannot be obtained otherwise.

Utility spells:

  • Light (1 MP + 1 MP/15s) creates a ball of light that follows the player. Drains MP at a negligible rate. This is a Novice level spell.
  • Opening (6 MP) unlocks locked chests and doors, and opens gates. It is a Basic level spell.
  • Locking (11 MP) locks unlocked chests and doors. Cannot close opened gates. It is a Basic level spell.
  • Dig (21 MP) destroys walls, similar to a pickaxe. It cannot break the level border or magic-protected walls.
  • Detect Food (14 MP) marks food items on the map. It is a Skilled level spell.
  • Dash (5 MP) propels the caster in the direction they are moving, otherwise pushes the caster backwards. It is a Skilled level spell.
  • Flutter (10 MP) grants brief levitation. Insectoids (player race) start with this spell by default.
  • Remove Curse (20 MP) removes the cursed effect from one selected cursed item in your inventory. It is an Expert level spell.
  • Identify (10 MP) instantly appraises one selected item in your inventory. It is an Expert level spell.
  • Magic Mapping (40 MP) reveals any unexplored parts of the map. This is an Expert level spell.
  • Levitation (1 MP + 1 MP/0.60s) grants the caster flight over pits and hazards. Dispelling over a pit causes instant death. It is a Master level spell.
  • Invisible (2 MP + 1 MP/1s) turns the caster invisible. It is a Master level spell.
  • Teleport (20 MP) warps the caster to a random location on the level. Succubi and Incubi start with this spell by default. It is a Master level spell.

Aid spells:

  • Healing (10 MP) restores a small amount of health to the caster and nearby allies. It is a Basic level spell.
  • Cure Ailment (10 MP) removes any negative status effects from the caster and nearby allies. It is a Basic level Spell.
  • Speed (11 MP) grants a speed boost to the caster and nearby allies. It is a Skilled level spell.
  • Polymorph (40 MP) changes the caster into a random race if human, and a human if any non-human race. Succubi (player race) start with this spell by default. It is an Expert level spell.
  • Extra Healing (40 MP) restores a large amount of health to the caster and nearby allies, but takes considerably longer to cast. It is an Expert level spell.
  • Vampiric Aura (30 MP) makes all attacks HP draining. Boosts HP and MP regeneration. It is used by Vampires (enemy), Ghouls, and the Accursed class. Cannot be obtained by other classes unless there is an Accursed on the team. It is an Expert level spell.

Innate Spells

These are spells that cannot be obtained by any class or race. They are restricted to specific classes or races.

  • Salvage (6 MP) Restricted to Automatons. transmutes any valid items nearby into metal or magic scrap. This can be consumed or used in tinkering. It is a Basic level spell.
  • Arcane Mark (5 MP) Restricted to Incubi. Nullifies the target’s weaknesses and resistances. Teleportation spells are refocused towards the target. It is a Basic level spell.
  • Conjure Skeleton (17 MP) Restricted to Conjurers. Summons a Skeleton Knight ally, and later on a Skeleton Sentinel. As these summons level up, their gear will be upgraded. Summon level is kept between casts. It is a Skilled level spell.
  • Teleport Other (20 MP) Restricted to Punishers. Teleports the target towards the caster. Disorients the target for a duration proportional to the distance travelled. It is an Expert level spell.
  • Inner Demon (25 MP + 10% max HP) Restricted to Punishers. Exorcises the target’s “inner demon”, which provokes the target. Any damage dealt to the demon is reflected on the attacker. The caster’s stats are reflected on the demon. It is a Master level spell.
  • Rat/Spider/Troll/Imp Form (8/16/24/32 MP) These spells are restricted to Shamans. Shapeshifts the player into the selected beast. These spells are unlocked as the player levels up. It is a Master level spell.
  • Elemental Focus (7 MP + 1 MP/0.25s) Restricted to Imp Form. Augments Fire, Cold, Lightning and Magic Missile spells with increased damage and reduced range. It is a Master level spell.
  • Revert Form (5 MP) Restricted to Shamans. Removes any active shapeshift effects from the caster. It is a Novice level spell.

As you can see, there are lots of spells to be played with. I recommend not playing a magic class as a Skeleton, as their MP regen is greatly reduced.

Certain spells, much like special ammunition, should be used sparingly.

Common mistakes

This is a list of common mistakes you may be making.


Do not horde items you think you’ll need. You will find yourself over-encumbered for most of the run. Carry a spare weapon or two, and keep utilities like bear traps and harmful potions, but don’t feel pressured to keep anything if your inventory is stuffed. Gems should not be considered important unless you are a Merchant or friendly race.

Appraise everything before you equip it! Having a cursed item equipped can be detrimental. However, thrown weapons can be safely equipped. Simply throw them at a wall until they’re depleted.

Don’t use weapons that your class isn’t skilled in unless it is an emergency. You’ll deal significantly more damage if you use your class-specific weapon.

Secret Levels

Do not go to Gnomish Mines unless your class is versed in magic! I cannot stress this enough. The Artifact Helmet gives a +8 INT bonus, which is useless for non-magical classes. It’s not worth the risk of death.

Minetown does not always spawn. If it does, it can be a good source of armour and weapons from the humans that reside there, so don’t ignore it!

The Temple is a great source of luckstones if you know how to get them. It can also contain good loot, but you’ll need to be careful if you want to get it. The Green Orb should only be sought after if you are a ranged class, or if you find yourself over-encumbered by the time you reach Herx’ Lair.

The Castle can be super easy to clear if you have a pickaxe or dig spell. Also, don’t go straight inside! there are multiple items scattered around the castle walls and a small room with 4 levitation potions. When you find the Artifact Boots, break a hole in the wall behind the chests and drink a levitation potion. You can fly over to the exit and escape quickly.

Sokoban should be ignored unless your class is weak to magic. The Artifact Gloves give bonus magic resistance, so it’s only really good for Goatmen and Automatons.

The Minotaur Maze is also very easy to beat if you know the layout. All you need is a pickaxe or dig spell. I won’t detail any directions – that’s for you to find out.

Mystic Library is undeniably a good secret level. Always go there. Just make sure you dispatch the humans, especially the potion thrower. They’re incredibly weak, but they can cast some dangerous spells.

Don’t go to Hell unless you want the achievement. Seriously. It’s not worth it.


Don’t play as a class or race because they “look cool” or “have a neat gimmick”. You’ll find yourself succeeding if you play as a class that benefits from specific racial traits. Skeletons for example are a terrible choice for magic classes, but they gain Lifesaving if their MP pool reaches 70. This makes them a good choice for strong classes like Warriors.

Written by C.L.E.R.IC.

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