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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Asuryani Skills

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Asuryani Skills

The interior of the Craftworld Lugganath. Craftworlds are massive vessels housing the remaining populations of the Aeldari and feature everything they need to continue their way of life.

– Farseer Mirehn Bielann
“The stars themselves once lived and died at our command, yet you still dare to oppose our will.”

Wraithbone Probe

  • Launches a probe to a designateed location. The probe moves in a straight line and detects enemy ships within a 4,500 unit radius. Once it has reached its destination, it is deployed after 10 seconds. The deployed probe detects enemy ships within a 9,000 unit radius. Once activated, it lasts for 120 seconds.
  • If it collides with an enemy ship, it sticks to it and automatically deploys itself.

This probe is an essential utility skill used for scouting and detecting enemy vessels. If you are also lucky enough to have it hit an enemy ship (it is very easy to dodge, so don’t expect this) then you have free mobile intelligence of the enemy fleet. This effect may force the opponent to split this ship from the primary fleet in order to not give away its current posistion, use this to your advantage but beware of clever players who may use this as a bait to get you to commit to going after one ship.

Mastering this skill doesn’t take quick reactions, but more calculated thought. It is important to aim the probe in an area where you don’t want your enemy to stay, such as gas clouds or asteroid clusters. By doing this you deny the enemy an ambush posistion and force them into the open. You may also aim this at a capture point so that an opponent has to reveal a ship in order to capture the zone. This is especially useful for countering or at least forcing redeployment of fleets which specialize in ambushes or stealth based warfare, such as the Eldar (all variants) and the Tau.

Disruption Bomb

  • Teleports a bomb to a maximum distance of 10,000 units. The bomb explodes after 10 seconds and ulifies all ships shields/holofields/shadowfields within a 4,500 unit radius. Their regeneration as well as the Necron Hull Cauterisation effect are interupted for 20 seconds.

This bomb is excellent at destroying the shields of your opponents ships and negating the racial bonuses that the Eldar and Necrons receive. This skill while still effective vs Necrons as it does cancel out their innate “regeneration ability”, doesn’t have as satisfying of an effect versus them as they don’t have shields of any kind.

It should be noted that this bomb does have the largest radius of effect compared to any other bomb, meaning that its viability is generally limited to pre/post engagement of fights. You don’t want to use this in the center of a fight between your vessels and your opponents because the bomb will disrupt your shields as well. However, considering that Ausryani ships are faster overall compared to most factions you can place the bomb in the middle of an engagement and speed away so that they are only effected. Also, due to the size of the radius this bomb is more effective against battleships that are in the fight considering the have the slowest speed of all ship classes and don’t have access to many manuevers that smaller ships have (this does not apply to Eldar or Necrons).

Stasis Bomb

  • Teleports a bomb to a maximum distance of 13,500 units. The bomb explodes after 15 seconds. The speed of all ships, squadrons and projectiles within a 2,500 unit radius is reduced by 90% for 20 seconds.

The most utility based of all bombs on this list, this is simply a “nope” bubble which you can deploy on the battlefield. This sphere changes the battlefield more than any other bomb because of the duration of the effect, once ordinance/squadrons/ships are trapped in it, they are going to be staying there for a significant duration unless they are on the outer periphery of the zone where they might escape sooner.

This skill is an odd one to use with the Asuryani as the only weapon that benefits from this “stasis bubble” is the pulsar beam. Outside of that it doesn’t work for the purposes of simply shooting at the enemy. This bomb should be used to disrupt enemy formations or to split fleets so you can focus on one half while the other tries to reconnect.

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