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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Asuryani Strategies

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Asuryani Strategies

Aeldari guardians of the Craftworld Ulthwe’ advancing on their objective.

“He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it.”
-Eldrad Ulthran, Farseer of Ulthwé

After a lengthy look at this faction as a whole we come down to basic strategies and tips available to players who wish to bring the might and fury of the Aeldari people down upon the inferior races.

Synergistic Skills/Upgrades

  1. Stasis Bomb (skill)
    Maelstrom (skill) or Disruption Bomb (skill)
    This combination will allow you to hold a fleet/ships still while they either take damage or have their shields reduced to nothing. This combination also works well with pulsar weaponry as these beam weapons ignore the stasis bomb effect. Don’t use your torpedoes on the ships caught in this bubble however, they will be very easy to intercept as they have their speed reduced to nothing.
  2. Micro Warp Jump (skill)
    Phoenix Ship (Battle Cruiser)
    Due to the slower nature of the ship it needs some additional ability to move around the battle zone. Without this, even though it is an Aeldari ship, dedicated enemies will still track it down and destroy it. Using micro warp jump may even draw enemy forces out of position as you can teleport across the map with this.
  3. Augur Disruption Bomb (skill)
    A fleet consisting only of Light Cruisers or Escorts
    You now have a fleet which can be all stealthed, have advanced detection ranges, use manuevers without revealing itself, and reduce the enemies detection range to zero. Very effective for ambushing your opponent and catching them off guard.
  4. Runic Targeting Node (Stance)
    A fleet consisting that uses lascannons
    This will allow you to effectively kite the enemy as the stance will not only double the critical chance of lascannons but upgrade the firing arc from 90* front to 270* front. This allows you to pretty much shoot any enemy except for those directly behind you.

Helpful tips for Constructing your Fleet

In Battle Tips

Personal Tips


The following are videos available on Youtube that I think are good representations of the Imperial Navy and strategies found by other members of the community. All credit to the content creaters of said videos.

Have fun!

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