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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Asuryani Upgrades

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Asuryani Upgrades

Aeldari forces of the Craftworld Iyanden move against a Tyranid host. The Craftwold would later be decimated by such forces and left to be a former shell of its past glory.

“The dead must join our ranks, lest we be forced to join theirs.”
– Prince Yriel, Autarch of Iyanden

Polarised Field

  • Damage caused by asteroid fields, minefields and spore fields is nullified.
  • Applies to all fleet’s ships

This passive ability is a decent upgrade for the fleet that simply removes enviornmental damage. This ability is more useful for kiting/ambushing/harassing types of fleets as these battlegroups tend to hug the outer edges of the map. It also allows players to more easily put their ships into asteroid clusters as being stationary within them allows ships to be stealthed. For the Asuryani this upgrade has merit since it allows you to simply ignore negative terrain on the field. This is also useful in using for escape paths since the enemy will have to go around them or suffer damage, thus giving you more time and distance.

Void Predator

  • If the ship is in a gas cloud or an asteroid field, enemy macro-weapons suffer a 20 point accuracy penalty.
  • Applies to fleet’s line ships.

This upgrade is interesting, but I would avoid taking it. While it is useful and synergizes well with the effects of holofields, it promotes a stationary playstyle. This is something the Asuryani simply can’t afford to do, as soon as you are marked by a scout the gas cloud becomes a poor place to continue hiding because it has lost its primary advantage: stealth. The minus 20 point accuracy can also be made up for by enemies ships using the “Lock On” stance.

Kin-Crewed Batteries

  • While in Reload stance, the fire rate of lascannons is increaed by 1% every second, to a maximum of 25%.
  • This bonus is lost if the ship stops firing for 1 second(s), or fires at another target.

This upgrade is terrible. It is an absolute waste and you should never use it. First is the fact that while the reload stance is useful for lascannons as it cuts down their reload speed from 4 seconds down to around 2.4, this upgrade makes no sense with it. The fact you only gain a 1% increase in fire rate for each second capping at 25% means you would have to fire at the same target for 25 seconds straight going head on, that is awful. The fact you lose this bonus if you target another ship is laughable. Lastly 1% of 2.4 is nothing, this bonus is so miniscule it is never worth taking. PASS ON THIS.

Accelerated Batteries

  • The ship’s weapons range is increased by 4,500 units.
  • Applies to the flagship.

This is an ok upgrade as it keeps the flagship farther away from harm but it is not useful. The only reason to take this would be if you had a large carrier as your flagship and didn’t want it to be fighting, but even then this upgrade is week. Skip this.

Spirit Stone Targeting Node

  • Whie in the “Runic Targeting Node” stance, the range of lascannons is increased by 4,500 units.
  • Applies to all fleet’s ships.

This upgrade is amazing. It is the only upgrade I would label as a must have in the faction and it is the one that makes the Asuryani scary. Here are the reasons why:

  1. The fact you have increased range would normally be a detriment for weapons like this as their accuracy drops off the farther they are from the target. However, given that the Aeldari are more accurate with their weapons, this is not so much of a concern.
  2. The “Runic Targeting Node” stance changes the firing arc of lascannons from a forward facing 90* to 270*. This means you can effectively strafe enemy ships while going either parallel to their intended destination, or running away from them. It simply increases the amount of dps you are able to dispense and makes the enemy hurt a lot more.
  3. The “Runic Targeting Node” stance also increases the critical chance of lascannons by 100%, bringing it up to 14%. At such a high rate of fire with it being an accurate weapon overall, this weapon can not only cause serious damage but also destroy enemy sub-systems effectively as well.

Dire Avenger Honor Guard

  • Critical assault chance of the ship is increased by 10%.
  • Applies to fleet’s line ships.

This upgrade is interesting and I can see it being useful, however I don’t think it is wise to take. Considering that it only boosts the critical chances up to 40% (from 30%), it seems like such a minor boost. If it guarenteed something like a fire (dot) on an enemy ship or something else it might make it worth it but this one really lacks anything to grab anyones attention.

Spirit Crystal Lenses

  • The ship’s weapons damage to enemy shields is raised by 10%. The “Hull Cauterisation” activation delay of hit Necron ships is raised by 10 second(s).
  • Applies to fleet’s line ships.

This upgrade is always useful, it simply increases damage output versus shields of factions that have them an delays the regeneration abilities of Necron ships. Simple and straight foward but good.

Shrine to Asuryan

  • Friendly Aeldari ships within the identification range of the ship benefit from a +25 bravery bonus.
  • Applies to the flagship.

This creastes a “be brave” bubble around your flagship that will hopefully prevent other vessels from fleeing or being put under the “mutiny” state. I personally don’t find this ability to be all that useful as you can simply use the “Rally” command or the specific ability for each ship which will boost its morale. Not all that useful.

Blessing of vaul

  • At short range (4,500 units), the target’s armor is reduced to 50 against lascannons.
  • Applies to all fleet’s ships.

This is not a useful upgrade, and I would suggest you pass on it because it is a trap. Remember that Aeldari vessels are weaker than other factions ships so while you may benefit from using this upgrade at times, the fact that it encourages you to stay close is the problem. It is one thing to come close to line up a torpedo salvo and then fly away, its another trying to make a faction do something it is not supposed to. Also the fact it reduces armor to 50 instead of by 50 makes it lackluster as well.

Ship of the Dead

  • Grants 3 additional troops to the “Rally” command effect. This skill can be used to recover control over drifting hulks but has no effect on ships in the “No Casualties” troop state.
  • Applies to flagship.

A unique upgrade focused on replenishing the troops of the fleet. While this effect does sound useful, it is odd. The fact you already have access to an ability which allows you to replenish troops means that this upgrade simply gets you a two-for-one. However, if you are in a situation where you are low on morale and your ship’s troops are getting destroyed, you are probably already losing. I’m not sure how much merit this upgrade has unless boarding-heavy factions like the Space Marines or Tyranids start taking over the meta.

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