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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 Enslaving the Galaxy 101 – The Drukhari Guide

This guide is intended to help players get into the unique, but extremely fun faction that is the Drukhari.

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The Tools of Your Trade – Drukhari Ship Characteristics

First of all, a description of Drukhari ship characteristics.

What is Drukhari – Shadowfield, Armor, Mobility

They are the only faction in-game to have the “Shadowfield” mechanic, and that is the faction’s defining mechanic This mechanic operates in a manner similar to the “normal” Eldar’s Holofields in that it charges from 0 to 100 when you are on the move, and uncharges when you stop moving.

However, despite its similarity it is not a “holofield”, it does not offer the damage mitigation benefits of traditional holofields so it will NOT absorb lance shots, nor does it impose an accuracy penalty on your enemy’s macro weapons.

Thus, the first and most important takeaway is remembering that: Any shots fired at you WILL invariably hit you, do damage, and generally ruin your plans.

Defensively, your armor is also paper thin. Although the larger ships do have a pool of raw HP which allows you to take SOME hits, the damage mitigation ability is inferior to an imperial navy escort.

For reference, your battleship’s frontal armor has 50 armor, an imperial navy escort has 67 armor. This means that a 100 damage attack on your ship will deal 50 damage to you (A 50% damage reduction) while the same attack would deal 43 damage to the Imperial Navy escort (Due to the 67% damage reduction).

You might ask then: “Why the ♥♥♥♥ would I use Drukhari if I am so squishy and Shadowfield offers no protection?”

The answer is: Stealth

Depending on how you use it, it can be the most useless mechanic of the game, or one which causes your opponent to froth at his mouth as he is unable to ever score a hit on you. After-all… the best defence is not to get hit!

The stealth mechanic will be discussed in the next section, but for now, just remember that when you are on the move, your shadowfield charges, and when fully charged, your ship become “stealthed” until you cease movement.

Due to the fact that you are an Aeldari sub-faction, you retain some of its benefits even though you lose the “holofields” which are the defining traits for Aeldari. Namely, exceptional mobility.

Your battleships can hit 240 speed, while an imperial navy escort can only hit 200 without the use of “All Ahead Full”. Your smaller ships can reach speeds up to 340, meaning you can outrun the enemy in most circumstances.

Your boost mechanic is, however, different from the imperial navy, chaos, or tau in that it does not offer sustained speed boost. The “Wraithbone Shift” available to the Drukhari offers a single FORWARD “burst” of 1000 speed for 4.5 seconds.

However, it takes 35 seconds to recharge before you can use it again, or 28 seconds if you are in the “reloading” stance. This provides a window of opportunity for an enemy escort or light cruiser to chase you down and engage you in close range – Something you want to avoid since you have neither holofield, shield, or armor. Outside of escorts and light cruisers, there are not many ships that can catch you even if they use their afterburner assuming that you were careful and conservative with the use of the Wraithbone Shift.

Your ships also have, exceptional turning ability on top of exceptional speed, which will help bring the front facing weapons of the ship to bear on your targets. In conjunction with the “Wraithbone Shift” speed boost, you also have “Vaul’s Manouver” which allows you to turn your front to ANY direction you like.

Combing the two abilities allow you to make sudden changes of direction, then a massive burst of speed to escape any unfavourable engagement. This is an important thing to master for all Aeldari factions, but it is even more so for the Dark Eldar since you have no armor or other sources of damage mitigation to speak of.

The Tools of Your Trade – Drukhari Weapons


The Drukhari, even more so than other Aeldari factions are defined by extraodinarily potent weaponry. As a matter of fact, the Drukhari arguably have the highest “DPS” for any given ship class if you exclude the use of ordnance. This section will detail the characteristic of Drukhari weapons.

Despite the difference in naming conventions, Drukhari still follows BFGA:2 game mechanics when it comes to “weapon types”.


Your Scythe Missile Battery weapons are “Macro Cannon” equivalents. When under the influence of Aeldari holofields they will miss, when under the influence of stasis bombs the projective till slow to a crawl. However, unlike “macro cannons” often associated with the imperial navy, the Scythe missile batteries have “Exceptional Accuracy” instead of “Efficient Accuracy”.

This meant that:

At 4500 units, you have 85% chance to hit instead of 80.
At 9000 units, you have 70% chance to hit instead of 60.
At 13500 units, you have 55% chance to hit instead of 40.
At 18000 units, you have 40% chance to hit instead of 20.
At 22500 units, you have 25% chance to hit instead of ZERO PERCENT.

Despite the fact that you have “some accuracy” at 22500 units, unfortunately that is unattainable for Drukhari ships. The highest “practical” range for Drukhari Scythe Missile battery is 13500 units when using “Locked On”, while the highest possible range is 18000 units when using “Locked On” on a flagship equipped with the “Accelerated Batteries” upgrade.

For these Scythe Missile Batteries, you have three variants, each with increasing damage corresponding to their size, but with no significant increase in range.

The “Light Scythe Missile Battery” are found exclusively on escorts and mounted singuly, in pairs, in fours, or in fives depending on the type of escort and the presence of other weaponry.

They deal 8 damage every 4 seconds with the critical hit chance of 2% for the total of 2 DPS.

The medium sized “Scythe Missile Batteries” are the next step up. They are found on ALL Drukhari vessels in ever increasing numbers corresponding to the size of the vessel. They are mounted triple mounted on Drukhari ships, and the battleships can have as many as 6.

They deal 16 damage every 4 seconds with the critical hit chance of 4% for the total of 4 DPS.

It is important to note that the power of the Scythe Missile Batteries and its heavier derivative which sets the Drukhari apart from the other factions in terms of raw damage potential. In comparison, the Imperial Navy’s Macro cannon deals 18 damage but takes 3 times as long to reload as well as having inferior accuracy thus reducing the chance of it hitting its mark at longer ranges.

The heavy “Heavy Scythe Missile Batteries” is the final step up. They are found on all Drukhari ships CRUISER and above as a compliment to any other weapons which may be present. They are found in pairs on cruisers, and threes on Battleships.

They deal 24 damange every 4 seconds with the critical hit chance of 6% for the total of 6 DPS.

The high damage, accuracy, and crit chance makes the heavy Scythe Missile Battery particularly lethal. There are no imperial navy weapons of equivalent damage potential. Their “Heavy Macro Batteries” merely increase the range rather than damage, but with no accuracy bonus thus making it akin to firing a shotgun at a person who is a kilometer away – an utter waste of time and good ammunition.


The Drukhari faction have a singular “lance” type weapon which can be found on all sizes of ship dependent on their type. While all Drukhari vessels will have a Scythe Missile Battery of some sort, not all Drukhari vessels will have the lance weapon.

The “Phantom Lance” lance weapon can be found on all sizes of ship from escort to battleship in different quantities dependent on their type. Singuly on the “Venom Blade” Escort and “Dark Mirror” cruiser, in pairs on the “Flayed Skull” cruisers, and in fours on the “Obsidian Rose” battleship.
It deals 12 damage every 6 seconds with the critical hit chance of 3% for 2 DPS.

HOWEVER, this weapon has a unique trait which doubles its DPS when the “Locked On” mode is used. Like all “Lance” type weapons it has 100% accuracy at all ranges, and it is vulnerable to being “absorbed” by Aeldari holofields. Its exceptional “Alpha Strike” when coupled with Locked on, as well as INSTANTANEOUS damage it can quickly snipe enemy escorts before they can withdraw.


They are present, on all ship classes of Drukhari, but they have nothing special which sets them apart from the Imperial Navy’s/ ANYONE’s torpedo except for an upgrade which stops the movement of the enemy for 5 seconds.

Although that upgrade is extremely useful for slowing a ship for further strikes, I do not currently see it as competitive since to reliably hit a spread of torpedo requires you to approach the enemy. The exact opposite of what you actually should be doing if you don’t want to get marked and exploded. In addition, you are often unable to get the “critical mass” of torpedoes needed to make its impact felt.

If you do wish to use them, the “Sigil” as well as “Talon Cyriix” carries 2. the “Bladed Lotus” LC carries 4, the “Bloodied Claw” cruiser carries 6, and the “Falling Moon” battleship carries 8.

Impaler Pods

Unfortunately these are utterly useless. Think of them as single use only assault boats that don’t even do enough damage to justify being “single use”. Unlike hangars which can launch 3 seperate attacks with landing crafts, impaler pods can only do it once.

You also only get one pod per bay, so a battleship like the “Dying Sun” will only be able to laucnh 3 impalers which do 2 troop damage each. You will do more damage with hangar bay landing boats, boarding actions, and you can use those more than once…..

Employing your weapons

Although your weapon’s “absolute” range might be inferior to some of your enemies such as Imperial navy Macro Batteries, or Plasma Macro Batteries, you can be certain that when you shoot, even at your maximum range that a reasonable portion of your shots will connect while your opponent is essentially♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥in the wind with their 0 accuracy. With that in mind, you do have the option of trading blows with MOST ships beyond 10000 range then withdrawing when they reach 9000 range, especially since you can boost away should it become hairy. However, I would recommend only doing so when you know you are going to score a kill, rather than doing it for all encounters since your armor/ effective HP is just… poor.

Your DPS is superb, but you must also remember that you do not have “Runic Targeting” that the other Aeldari factions have. You have “Locked On” which increases your range, accuracy, and crit chance. What this does is limits your kiting potential as to effectivelly deal DPS you must have your ship’s front facing the enemy, especially if you are using lance boats which have an even narrower angle of fire than the Scythe misssile batteries. In short, if the enemy is not within 10 oclock – 2 oclock of your ship, you cannot fire while other Aeldari factions can fire in all direction except for 5 oclock – 7 oclock (Then again, nobody could anyway). This means that any time where you must move away from the enemy, you are not doing any damage whatsoever unlike the Aeldari which can often retreat and still shoot at the enemy as they boost away at a slight angle.

If you do use torpedoes, you have two options, You can fire them at long distances as a disruption, but my personal experience tells me that unless you can reach a critical mass like 18 torpedoes, it is generally a waste of Ordnance as they will get shot down. It is also important to note that torpedoes are inherantly more micro intensive as you have more buttons to press, and aimming torpedoes is even more precise at aimming Drukhari ship’s frontally locked weapons.

The Tools of Your Trade – Stealth Mechanic

For a Drukhari player, stealth is everything, so this section will go through the stealth mechanic in detail.

Your ship can be in one of three states, which are as follows:

1) Stealthed – Outright invisible
2) Detected – Present as Red Blips or “ghosts” of ships as you shoot
3) Identified – Shootable/ can see exactly what type of ship, crew count, etc

First of all, I will explain “Stealthed”.


“Stealthed” is applied to a Drukhari ship when your shadowfield is fully charged, when you are in a gas cloud (whether moving or static), or when you are in an asteroid field (while static). For non Drukhari, the latter two methods are effective, and in addition, a non Drukhari faction can usually stealth their light cruisers and escort through using the “running silent” stance (though there are some exceptions which I will go through in the “recon” section of this guide.

When you are stealthed, you are completely invisible until you fire or until you are spotted through scanners, fighters probes, or by being so stupidly close to the enemy that you are either about to ram someone (4500 range, the inner “deep blue circle” when you select a ship). The enemy cannot see you on the map as red blips, and generally there are no indications of your whereabouts other than guesstimating your position when you use wraithbone shift (which generates a sound that you cna hear regardless of state of stealth).

As a Drukhari player, this is the mode you want to stay in , but the fact that you have to move + your weapons are locked forward means that for you to remain stealthed and effectively engage a target you must be moving towards the enemy. Thus you will often approach, then turn and run if you think it is risky to come out of stealth. If you don’t think it is, you can stop your ship and exit stealth to engage the enemy – Dealing significantly more DPS because you can sit there without getting closer to the enemy BUT you become “detected”. Remember that as Drukhari you are only stealthed when your shadowfield is full, if it isn’t full you become…


Being detected means you are now visible on the minimap and overall “game overview” as a red blip. Based on your speed, experienced players can deduce whether you are a battleship or an escort (though he would have to try quite hard since the speed difference is not that high/ aeldari ships are inherently fast).

Being visible as a red blip on the world map opens you up to more plays from the enemy as he now knows your exact wherebaouts – He just isnt able to shoot at you with weapons yet. This does not mean he cannot/ will not fire a big spread of torpedoes hoping to hit you, fire nova cannons, teleport stasis bombs, etc etc. However, there are three particular dangerous things he can do to you when you are present as a red blip.

1) He can send fighters after the blip, and they will pursue until you either stealthed, shoot them down, or after 90 seconds have passed and they RTB towards the ship. Those fighters are fast, difficult to shoot down if they come in numbers (eg: Tau launching 30+ Barracudas at you), and they will follow and spot you and anything within 4500 range of you.

2) Emperor’s tarot – AKA wtfbbq a cross appeared on my ship. This is an Imperial Navy/ Space Marine/ Ad Mech (Unsure about last, but the two former faciton definitely have it) ability that instantaneously reveals and identifies one detected ship for 90 seconds.

3) He can send an escort with silent running to your approximate position and attempt to “mark” you. This makes you visible for 30 seconds regardless of your shadowfield charge, whether you duck and hide in gas clouds. If you are marked, you are identified for 30 seconds with no counter. Depending on the faction this can either be of no impact whatsoever – Orcs and their 0 long range DPS ))), or the beginning of the greatest turkey shoot (Tau) and everything in between (Chaos).

When you are “detected’ you become vulnerable to “identification” when ships enter within 9000 range of you (the WHITE circle for MOST ships), however, note that there is an exception to the norm! FIrst of all, certain escorts such as the Imperial Navy “Cobra Widowmaker”, the Necron “Shroud” Light Cruiser, and Imperial BATTLESHIP with sensors such as the Emperor and Oberon can have a white circle as big as 13500 before upgrade. The Cobra Widowmaker can in fact reach a 18000 range spotting circle with the correct upgrade, meaning that being “detected” is not immunity to being fired upon, but merely a delay if he has the right tool. If he doesn’t then you can wail away at his ship until he reaches 9000 range of you, then you turn and disappear.


The worst case scenario as an Drukhari is to become “identified”. This means you are now fully engagable and this can occur for a myriad of reasons including the three I mentioned already.

Most often you will find yourself spotted due to an escort on running silent using marked target. You will know this because you will see “MARKED!” appear on top of your ship, as well as hear a distinctive sonar “ping”. When this occurs it is time for you to disappear 🙂 – Because if he pings you it means he most likely have ships that he knows can reach you nearby, be it through lances, plasma macros, railguns, ion cannons, or a combination thereof.

Changing Between the Three States

As Drukhari, you will often through choice or mistakes to shift through those three states of identification throughout the game. It is important to note that it is completely possible for you to go from “stealthed” to “identified” without ever being “detected” as a red blip because you got probed, or pinged by an escort. So now you might be asking… If I get pinged and lose my cloak, what happens since i got no armor?!?

Remember this, while your shadowfield is fully charged, your ship will ALWAYS attempt to return to the “stealth” state. Meaning that absent of anything stopping you from cloaking, you will go back to stealth.

Things that can stop you from cloaking/ keep you spotted are:

1) Fighters that are following you – To stop that you simply got to shoot them down.

2) Emeperor’s Tarot – Nothing you can do mate, 90 seconds of being spotted, but as soon as it expires you will automatically cloak provided your shadowfield is fully charged.

3) Marked by an enemy escort – Nothing you can do mate, 30 seconds of being spotted, but as soon as it expires you will automatically cloak provided your shadowfield is fully charged.

4) Running into the dark blue circle of the enemy ship – Leave it.

Do note that even if you are identified within the white circle of the enemy escort/ emperor battleship/ whatever, as soon as your shadowfield is fully charged, and if nothing is outright “identifying” you, you will cloak up and become invulnerable.

The Tools of Your Trade – Stealth Mechanics Continued – The Scenario

Switching Between the Three States

So switching between the three states is a part of Drukhari gameplay more so than lets say…. imperials who once spotted ususally stay spotted they they die or murder everything. I will use the following as an example.

My “Obsidian Rose” battleship is travelling at full speed towards 2 enemy ships. Since it is moving at full speed with a fully charged shadowfield it is now in “Stealth”.

I move towards my enemy and fire. When I fire I can be seen on the map as a “ghost” ship. I am not fully detected yet, since I am still not a targetable red blip but the enemy can definite see where he is getting shot from.

I decide that I am beyond 9000 range of an enemy ship, so I stop my ship in order to bombard the enemy ship. Since my shadowfield is no longer charged I am now “detected” as a red blip.

That guy was an Imperial Navy player who had “Emeperor’s Tarot” and a shining cross appears over my ship. I am now “Identified” and being shot at due to an active skill.

I turn away and run, and in the process my shadowfield is fully charged but I am still identified because the effect of the emepror’s tarot, I am still “identified” due to the effect of enemy skills.

I ran for 90 seconds (Tarot’s duration), and the tarot’s effect expired. With a fully charged shadowfield I immediately, and automatically returned to “stealth” state.

If I am to then stop my ship and leave the “stealth” state, I will not exit stealth state as “identified”, but exit it as “detected”, the red blip state.

Being a potato, my micro was poor and the Obsidian Rose is exposed as a Red Blip since I parked him not far off an enemy capture point. The enemy has a Cobra Widowmaker sitting in a gas cloud 17000 units away, and because he has the correct upgrades he have 18000 detection range. I am now identified by “ship identification distance”.

After losing half my ship HP I realise I screwed up and suffering a destroyed generator, I drove him into a nearby gas cloud and the ship entered stealth even though the shadowfield is now permanently down. This is due to the effect of the gas cloud. If I exit the gas cloud without being spotted by the widowmaker I will exit the cloud in the “Detected” state, but I can no longer simply return to the stealth state by moving, I must now enter a gas cloud, then exit to become “detected” again.

How would this scenario end?

Well, that Obsidian Rose is now just a very squishy artillery platform, and while I can use it to attack an enemy ship from a safe distance like 13500 range, I must not let him get properly “identified” or I will get hit rather hard.
The Tools of Your Trade – Recon
As Drukhari, you often fight a blind enemy. However, although Drukhari is the cloaky annoying faction, they actually lack a recon escort (13500 ship identification distance), or an identification range upgrade like “Improved augur array” of the imperial navy.

In order to properly employ your weapons on the enemy, you need them to be in the “identified state”. Although your ships are fast enough to sail past the enemy, get within 9000 range while maintaining stealth int he process to identify their red blips, this process is unecessarily dangerous as it places your 200 points+ combat ships at risk.

In addition, this is sometimes not possible based on the fleet composition of the enemy. For example:

1) Necon with “Shroud” Light Cruiser – It starts off cloaked even without running silent, and being a light cruiser it is able to do so.

2) Tau with escort screen – Large quantity of escorts is the specialty of a Tau fleet, they too, can use running silent and act as a passive pair of eyes to identify your ships before they can make meaningful impact.

3) Light Cruiser spam of any variety – They can ALL run silent, essentially making you fight another Drukhari with different capabilities.

4) Against fellow Drukhari – The hunt of Red October

5) Tyranids – They start off cloaked, and if you spot one at 4500 range with your combat ships you are ♥♥♥♥ed. Prepare to get instantly grappled in by tentacle, then space hulked by 999999 boarding actions.

So as covered in the stealth guide, there are several ways for the enemies to spot you. With the exception of using an Emperor’s Tarot (because you dont play cards), the other options are still workable for you.

1) You should always include some escorts in your fleet composition to scout/ capture points. In the case of Dark Eldar, I prefer to outright switch the weapons of my escorts off and have them scout. Against enemy stealth ships, you MUST use the “scanner” to create a 30 seconds window of opportunity to cause as much damage as possible, not a difficult task considering the weapons you got can delete escorts and Light Cruisers rather quickly 🙂

2) You should always include the skill “Augur Probe” in your lineup. It is a way for you to spot the enemy with your flagship without exposing yourself, and denying a 9000 range radius area to an enemy cloaked fleet. It remains active for 2 minutes, and if it hits an enemy ship it will stick to him, essentially acting as an even more overpowering “Emperor’s Tarot” in that it last longer, and spots everything near the ship it is glued to.

Just as how the enemy can use recon to counter your shadowfield, you must use recon to counter their “running silent”. On the bright side, ships capable of using running silent often cannot stand up to you in a direct fight, however…. certain factions can be particularly gimmicky with boarding actions… Space Marine Light Cruiser fleets and Tyranids.

The Tools of Your Trade – TLDR


– Eldar Faction
– No Holofield
– Gets Shadowfield
– Stealths you when fully charged
– Unstealth (makes you “detected”) when uncharged
– Highly mobile – Fastest speed in-game
– High DPS at all ranges
– No tank, no shield, no dodge
– Relies on not being seen (Stealth good, Identified Bad)
– Three types of Stealth State
– Stealth (Invisible, untargetable by abilities), Detected (Red Blip, targetable by abilities, cant be shot at), Identified (Spotted, can be shot at)
– Drukhari often switch between the three depending on circumstances/ whether they ♥♥♥♥ up/ enemy abilities.
– Certain enemy abilities can make you spotted and remain spotted from anywhere between 30 seconds (Marked), to 2 minutes (Probes stuck on you)
– Drukhari have medicore recon, no dedicated recon ships like Widowmaker.
– Escorts should use scanner to compensate for low detection range.
– Escorts should be kept as scouts, the DPS they provide does not outweigh the benefits of detecting enemies.
– Escorts and their PROPER are essential against certain enemy fleet setups such as light cruiser spam and Tyranids.
– Always carry Augur Probes, your second skill is optional but probes are not. It gives you a fighting chance against stealthy enemies when you escorts are dead/ hiding in a gas cloud.

I will detail “How to fight X faction” for all twelve faction soon. I divided them into Easy, Somewhat Challenging, Hard based on how hard they can “counter” you.

How to FIght X Faction – Easy Targets

Coming soon.

How to Fight X Faction – Somewhat Challenging

Coming soon.

How to Fight X Faction – Difficult Fights

Coming soon.

The Hunt for Red October – Drukhari vs Drukhari

Coming soon.

My Setup As Drukhari

This is the setup I used for Drukhari, it carried me to Rank 15 at some point, but now my rank is much lower since people started playing >:D.

Ship Choice

3x Obsidian Rose, 2x Escort of your choice.

Escort is strictly for capping and marking targets. They are to be put on hold fire when scouting and hidden in a gas cloud/ asteroid field (or capping points) when not doing anything.

Skills are:

Augur probes (For moments when your escorts are dead/ need eyes with staying power in a gas cloud/ need to spot LC blobs – Best case scenario you manage to glue it onto them )))) )

Dark Matter Cannon (Portable blackhole-tomatic 9000). Slows the enemy down IMMEDIATELY (but to a lesser degree than stasis bomb) and does some minor damage.

Upgrades are:

Targeting range for flagship – Gives you 18000 range to snipe particularly tricky targets, escorts, Necrons before they teleport, etc etc. Some might say it is a waste since it works only for your flagship but I found it to be indispensable.

Ramming blades – This is for Eldar vs Eldar match-ups, Space Marine LC spam once you thinned their numbers/ or are trapped/ getting desperate.

General Advice – Drukhari

1) Wraithbone shift and Vaul’s Maneuver are your panic button. Unless the game JUST started, and the distance between you and the enemy is massive (Or if the game is about to end after you stomped his head into the gutter) under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is it to be used to approach a non mutineering enemy. If it is on CD while you are identified, you are ♥♥♥♥ed since Shadowfield = no damage mitigation.

2) Your escorts are your eyes. Use them to spot the enemy ahead of your battleship. Your battleships are fast and it is tempting to scout with them, but that means bringing yourself within 9000-4500 units of an unidentified enemy. Normally you can do that against enemy escorts (If the enemy’s point cap really slowly OR you have spotted the enemy’s main body on the otherside of the map you can assume it is a lone”lone escort” to gank, watch for traps (if the latter is not the case) and gas clouds though). If you spot a Stealthy Tyranid hive boat at 4500 unit you will die. Your escort’s scanners can spot from out to 13500 units away, and is essentially risk free since you can always Vaul’s then Wraithbone out before they can even fire.

3) Be wary around enemy flagships. Most factions can put micro jump drives on and drop their flag on top of you.

4) Never get hit directly by probes. It will get stuck on you for 120 seconds and make you combat ineffective for that full duration. Even worse, and as mentioned previously the ship will also spot your other ships within 9000 units forcing you to spread out if you don’t want to.

5) Crazy Ivan is best Ivan. *Jokes about submarine manouvers aside, if you are “detected” as a red blip or identified, you can head in one direction…. then as soon as you enter stealth you do a 180 into the opposite and laugh as most players all ahead full into… space. While you are now repositioned on his♥♥♥♥♥

6) If a gas cloud of sufficient size is available, start your ship placement in the very rear of that gas cloud and your shadowfield should be fully charged by the time you get out. This means the enemy cannot see the red blips at the start of the game to guess where your main body is heading while your two escorts can “pretend” to be the main body ))))

7) The correct mindset is not: “There are 6 ship classes in BFGA II” for Dark Eldar. The correct mindset is “There are submarines of various sizes for Dark Eldar”. You want to get shot at? Go play Imperial Navy.

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