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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Imperial Navy Strategies

Imperial Navy Strategies

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An Imperial fleet gathers on the periphery on an Imperial Space Station, awaiting deployment.

“You are expected at all times and in all situations to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to, and mindful of, the great duties and traditions of the Emperor’s Most Glorious and Honourable Navy.”
– Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook (pg 5)

After a lengthy look at this faction as a whole we come down to basic strategies and tips available to players who wish to bring the Emperor’s wrath upon the enemies of mankind.

Synergistic Skills/Upgrades

  1. Supercharged Void Shield (skill)
    Auxilary Shield Capacitors (upgrade)
    Agripinaa-Pattern Void Shield (upgrade)
    This allows your entire fleet to have a 25% faster recharge on shields, stronger shields due to them no having an armor value and your flagship being able to become semi-invulnerable and recharging its shields very quickly when using its Void Shield skill.
  2. Stasis Bomb (skill)
    Plasma Bomb/Disruption Bomb (skills)
    Any ship with a Nova Cannon
    If an opponent’s ships get caught in this, they will feel the hurt. A Stasis bomb followed by the detonation of the Plasma Bomb will do more damage while a Disruption Bomb will eliminate shields and hurt Eldar and Necrons in its own ways. Couple this with Novas and you have yourself one satisfying explosion.
  3. Augur Disruption Bomb (skill)
    Improved Augur Array (upgrade)
    Emission Dissipater (upgrade)
    A fleet consisting only of Light Cruisers or Escorts
    You now have a fleet which can be all stealthed, have advanced detection ranges, use manuevers without revealing itself, and reduce the enemies detection range to zero. Very effective for ambushing your opponent and catching them off guard as this is not what the Imperial Navy is known for doing.
  4. Power Ram (upgrade)
    Short-Burn Torpedoes (upgrade)
    Every ship in the Imerial Navy above the class of Light Cruiser that carries torpedoes also has a “spur” equipped onto the ship which increases ramming damage. This combination simply applies buffs to both.
  5. Micro-Warp Jump (skill)
    Any Battleship
    A playable battleship. This class of ships is way to immobile to not have this skill equipped.
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Helpful tips for Constructing your Fleet

  1. Include some form of launch bays into your fleet, not having any screening fighters of any kind will hurt you when going against any player that spams carriers or mass ordinance. The “Brace for Impact” stance on your ships is not enough to counter this. Players who are interested in this faction far to eagerly take a fleet without squadrons and lose.
  2. Take escorts with you, they are essential in capturing zones and scouting for the enemy. Running a massed battlegroup is fun, but leaves you vulnerable to several strategies.
  3. Try to get around 4-6 line ships in your fleet, this provides enough mass that your fleet will be powerful. Any more than this and you really can’t take enough escorts, any less and you may not have the staying power you need for longer fights.
  4. The Imperial Navy has a deep enough roster of ships to make almost any strategy playable or viable. Experiment and see what works best for you, there is no “right” way to play this faction unlike some of the others in the game who rely on gimmicks or singular ways to win.

In Battle Tips

  1. Target the engines of factions that you don’t want to get close to (Orks, Space Marines) and of factions that want to get away from you (All Eldar variants, Chaos).
  2. Target the generators of factions with strong shields (Imperial Navy, Tau).
  3. Against carrier spam or specific carrier ships, target their decks. Also use the “Brace for Impact” stance to decrease hull damage and increase defense turret efficieny.
  4. Against factions or ships which only have brought heavy weaponry (Mechanicus, Necrons) target their weapons.
  5. The “Brace for Impact” stance is generally the correct stance to use across your entire fleet. Only when you need to snipe particular systems on enemy ships (an Eldar ships engines), should you rotate to “Lock On”.
  6. Use the “Lock On” stance against factions you need distance against (Space Marines) and can’t risk getting close to so your macro weapons are still effective.
  7. The “Reload” stance is really only useful on carriers and ships equipped with Nova Cannons before the primary engagement.
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Personal Tips

  1. If you are getting beaten by a specific strategy and getting frustrated, try to relax and think calmly. A good admiral will never allow emotions to toy with tactical decisions. More than likely you are getting beaten by a specific thing because you aren’t countering it effectively or aren’t prepared to fight it. Either look at this guide for more information or go to the community for help. The Warhammer community is generally friendly and willing to help out its own.
  2. In the off chance that something is broken, report it with what you have seen and evidence of it to the developers. There is a fine line however between “broken” and “I don’t like that” or “that seems unfair”.


The following are videos available on Youtube that I think are good representations of the Imperial Navy and strategies found by other members of the community. All credit to the content creaters of said videos.

More videos will be added as content is made on the game after official launch.

Written by The Emperor

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