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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Necrons Summary

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Necrons Summary

A Necron Lord giving the command to commence a planetary attack with several squadrons of Night Scythes.

“Cast off the shackles of your slumber! The galaxy shall be ours once again!”
– Anrakyr the Traveller

The Necrons are the most technologically advanced faction in all of the Warhammer universe. No other faction comes close to having the prowess they enjoy on the battlefield when it comes to their weapons, armor, teleportation abilities, and regeneration. Because of this, Necron ships come at a premier cost. A Necron fleet will likely consist of 2-4 primary ships-of-the-line and maybe 2-4 escorts at most. This makes the loss of a single ship an incredible setback due to their limited numbers. Where they make up for it is that these ships are able to achieve arguably more than any other factions ships on a one-to-one basis in the entire game. A single Necron cruiser will likely take two to three from an opposing faction to take down while their battleship, the Cairn, will need to be focused down by an entire fleet.

One of the greatest faults of the Necron faction is their limited roster, featuring only eight ships you will not find a lot of diversity. What’s worse is that some of the ships are only direct improvements of another version at the cost of additional points. Many of the weapons and firing arcs are similar across these eight vessels along with the strategy of playing them. What does this mean for an aspiring Necron commander? It means you have limited options and you have to use what you have to the utmost potential while keeping your loses to a minimum, if taking any at all. You don’t have the luxury of making mistakes and losing a couple of ships to your opponent because of strategic miscaluculation.

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One of most key traits that the Necrons have is that they are agonizingly slow. Every faction in the game can run from a Necron fleet, but they would be hard pressed to ignore them because every weapon system the Necrons have always hits. The fact that their weapons have very high damage ratings on top of being 100% accurate makes them deadly. The Necrons fit the undead theme well too, they have inherent hull regeneration effects on their ships which makes them take large amounts of damage which is already heavily negated by their high armor values. The last and most important thing to understand about the Necrons is that while they are slow, that doesn’t mean they aren’t agile. Necrons ships can teleport around the battlefield on a cooldown timer, they can use this to: ambush, reposistion, escape, secure objectives and flank opponents.

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