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Battletech: Mechwarrior Tips and Tricks

Take command of your own mercenary outfit of ‘Mechs and the MechWarriors that pilot them, struggling to stay afloat as you find yourself drawn into a brutal interstellar civil war.

Mechwarrior Basic Tips

Just a few things about your MechWarriors, if you’re not too familiar with the game yet:

MechWarriors can die!
If they get incapacitated, it’s more likely than not that they die. Also, if the Mechs head gets destroyed it is almost certain that they die. Your main character is immortal however.

You only get 3 special abilities!
You can get 2 of the rank 5 abilities (aka Expertise) and one rank 8 ability (aka Mastery).

The Expertises limit which Mastery you can have!
Once you get 2 skills to rank 5 you will lock out all other abilities aside the Mastery Abilities from those 2 skills.

There is no limit how you can level your skills!
The abilities are limited, but you can still level up all skills normally. You can even get ranks 8-10 in another skill outside your two first chosen expertises before you choose which one to master. Or get a mastery before choosing a second expertise.

There is no level cap! 
So you can get rank 10 in all skills, but it will take you a long time, and will increase the salary of your pilots. But this is definitely something you want to aim at with your main character.

Remember to use all your pilots!
Keep swapping your Mechwarriors around from mission to mission to ensure they gain experience evenly. You also should make sure to have a spare Mechwarrior or two in your barracks. You never know when one or more might get stuck in med bay for a while.

Tips & Tricks

Crew tips

  • Light mechs benefit most from evasion (piloting skill and abilities)
  • Heavy (& assault) mechs benefit most from guts
  • Fire Support Mechs benefit from high Tactics skill, but not the abilities really
  • Light Mechs are best for use of Sensor Lock
  • Later on in the campaign your mechs get heavier so going lancer early on is not a bad idea
  • Later LRM spams cause injuries through head hits so high guts is recommended
  • Get Cockpit mods as soon as possible
  • Set your finances to generous or extravagant early on to boost your Morale
  • For Argo get the lounge and Hydroponics, ignore rest of the morale upgrades
  • For events, try choose ones that boost morale, like playing for fun, helping people etc.
  • When you hit Morale 40-45, set finances to standard and events will get you the rest
  • When you hit Morale 48-50, set finances to low to save money and to keep events useful

Mech Tips

  • Small lasers are the most efficient weapon of all
  • SRM are the most efficient weapons at medium range
  • LRM are the most efficient weapons at long range
  • SRM4 is the most efficient SRM, but SRM6 is still great
  • LRM5,15 and 20 are equally efficient (1t=3heat = 1 heat sink)
  • LRM10 just weights 1 ton more, while gets no heat benefit
  • AC5 is just 2 ton heavier than AC2, has only a little less range, but much more damage
  • AC10 is less efficient than AC5, but can kill a mech with one headshot
  • AC20 is the most efficient AC and has best one-shot kill ability
  • PPC has stability damage, M Laser has efficiency, L Laser has neither
  • S Lasers are a really good back-up weapon for all mechs
  • If you have 4 or more support slots, use MGs
  • It’s good to have one longer range weapon as a back-up for brawlers
  • For long range mechs, keep a pair of M lasers and/or S Lasers
  • Don’t be afraid to melee, AI rarely if ever conter-attacks
  • 1 ton of armor = 80 points of armor
  • Max armor and HP are determined by Mech tonnage
  • More jump jets means more range, not sure how the JJ heat works tho
  • Jumping gives you more evasion than walking and usually allows you to move further
  • Jumping is the best way to move Heavy Mechs in combat

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