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Battletech: PC Keyboard Controls

Take command of your own mercenary outfit of ‘Mechs and the MechWarriors that pilot them, struggling to stay afloat as you find yourself drawn into a brutal interstellar civil war.

Battletech: PC Keyboard Controls

These are the default keyboard shortcuts for the game Battletech.

  • WASD – Move camera.
  • Q/E – Rotate camera.
  • Right-click + drag – Freely tumble camera.
  • Scroll wheel – Zoom in/out.
  • Middle-click – Auto-pan camera to selected spot on map.
  • Left-click – Select destination, attack a ’Mech, or confirm action.
  • Right-click – View details for any friendly or enemy unit in the targeting computer.
  • TAB – Switch between available ’Mechs, or when in firing mode, switch between available enemy targets.
  • 1/9 – Select movement mode or pilot ability.
  • Minus – Brace (End turn.) Note that the UI incorrectly displays this hotkey as “s”.
  • Portrait click – Single-click to “find” your ‘Mech if it’s offscreen. Double-click to center camera on selected ‘Mech.
  • T – Cycle through available Melee targets, when Moving (or DFA targets, when Jumping.)
  • ESC – “Back up” to previous mode or selection. In general, ESC backs out of everything. If you select a unit, then change your mind and want to Reserve it, ESC will de-select it (unless you’ve already taken an action with it). If you’re in firing mode and don’t want to be, ESC will exit. If you don’t have a unit selected, ESC will bring up the exit game popup. Note that this will be replaced by an in-game menu for launch.

Note: The controls used to play Battletech are a combination of keyboard keys, the mouse and mouse buttons. all keys can be re-assigned using the Controls tab found in the Options tab on the main menu of the game. From there you can change the key bindings.

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