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Bayonetta 100% Achievement Guide

100% Completion guide for Bayonetta.

Story Related/Boss Related

A Primer In The Magical Arts
Complete the Vestibule.
Story related. Can’t be missed.

Fortitudo, Bringer Of Flame
Defeat Fortitudo on any difficulty.
1st phase: You start on one of two platforms. Attack his heads while dodging a lunge from his heads, in addition to fireballs and a sweep with the tail. Once he falls to the ground, jump down and press ‘Y’ + ‘B’ followed by mashing ‘X’ to rip off one head. Now, he will fly to the outer part of the colosseum. After the sequence, jump down and make your way towards him by jumping from platform to platform and give him a beating with another climax.

2nd phase: Just repeat what you’ve done before. He will occasionally destroy the platforms, which can be repaired by using the Hour Glass.

3rd phase: After you reinvented his image the arena will change and you have 5 minutes to kill the rest of his body. His attacks consist of ramming, spike attacks with his tail, a fire breath and stomping. Show him the nice, sharp aspects of Shuraba until you can trigger the climax.

Temperantia, Manipulator Of Wind
Defeat Temperantia on any difficulty.
1st phase: You are on a platform, which will be regularly destroyed, and your task is to destroy his arms first. You have to evade shots from his other hand and a devastating punch with his blue glowing fist, which can be evaded. Just attack him with your pistols if he is too far away to punch and keep mashing ‘Y’. Once you are on his arm, change to panther and run to inner side where a orange glowing beam ends. Destroy this bubble while dodging either blue projectiles or a discharge.

2nd phase: Same as 1st phase, but he can release these fog creatures from his mouth.

3rd phase: Finally, on the main body you have to destroy the remaining bubbles to drop the shield protecting his head. Once the shield is down be careful as he can fire shots from his eyes, spin the head while releasing a laser beam, grab you with a dark hand from its mouth and release fog creatures. Just dodge on a regular basis and keep pummeling the head until it is time for a new demon.

Iustitia, Giver Of Life
Defeat Iustitia on any difficulty.
1st phase: She attacks with the thorny “arms” and the little head in front of you. In my opinion a really easy boss as the attacks are quite predictable. Be careful if she retracts the small head and the eyes glow. At this time you can expect a rush attack which you should dodge. After you’ve done enough damage you can run along the “neck” dodging the arms and some white barriers to attack the core of the neck. After this part is dead, the arms will destroy the platform. Just jump off and fall down, evade with ‘Y’ + ‘B’ to avoid damage and you are back in business.

2nd phase: Same as phase 1 but you have to destroy a rock once she’s lost enough health, before you can run along the neck.

3rd phase: Again the same, but this time with two rocks instead of one.

Sapientia, Controller Of Seas
Defeat Sapientia on any difficulty.
1st phase: Surf around and attack the faces on the legs. These can shoot fireballs and the main body can shoot rockets. It will regularly dive and to avoid getting hit as it rises, move away from the center of the waves. After these two attacks, move to either side of the screen to avoid the lunge attack. Once all faces are destroyed you can trigger a climax and steer him to the spider using ‘LS’ + ‘X’. Occasionally, you are prompted to keep him put with ‘Y’ + ‘B’.

2nd phase: Now that its head is unshielded, you can pummel it to your heart’s content. The only attack it does besides diving is an arm sweep, which can be easily dodged. Once the HP Bar is down, the same climax part repeats.

3rd phase: You have to reach him first before beating up that ugly face again. On your way down his eyes will pop up and fire a laser. Dodge to engage Witch Time and make your way to him. He has two attacks that can really hurt. Biting with his mouth and his arm sweep again. Don’t be too close or you can’t dodge the bite. Finally enjoy the climax by mashing ‘X’.

Master Of The Heavens
Defeat Father Balder on any difficulty.
1st phase: He is a real pain if you have trouble with dodging. He throws bubbles at you, which will trap you if you are caught. He can fire projectiles at you, make a satellite fire a laser to destroy your platform and swing his sword/whip of light to give you a hard time. Dodge his attacks until he closes in and forget about large combos. Just go for the Durga’s charge attack until his Health is depleted and you can sacrifice your first demon.

2nd phase: He is a bit more aggressive and he throws a building at you, which can be evaded with ‘Y’ + ‘B’. Don’t get greedy with your attacks or you pay a high price for it. Finally you can summon the next demon.

3rd phase: Finally, the end is near. During the fight you can catch a satellite with ‘Y’ + ‘B’ and be ready to throw it 4-5 times back at Balder until it is too fast for him. After the final climax, this fight is over.

Taste Of The Witching Hour
Complete all Chapters on any difficulty.
Finish the game on Very Easy, Easy, or Normal to unlock this.

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Chapters 1-4 (Normal)
Complete Chapters 1 through 4 on Normal difficulty.

Chapters 5-7 (Normal)
Complete Chapters 5 through 7 on Normal difficulty.

Chapters 8-11 (Normal)
Complete Chapters 8 through 11 on Normal difficulty.

Chapters 12-13 (Normal) [SECRET ACHIEVEMENT]
Complete Chapters 12 and 13 on Normal difficulty.

Chapters 14-Epilogue (Normal) [SECRET ACHIEVEMENT]
Complete Chapters 14 through the Epilogue on Normal difficulty.

Umbra Witch
Complete all Chapters on Normal difficulty.
Beat the game on Normal to unlock this.

New Testament: Ch. 1-4 (Hard)
Complete Chapters 1 through 4 on Hard difficulty.

New Testament: Ch. 5-7 (Hard)
Complete Chapters 5 through 7 on Hard difficulty.

New Testament: Ch. 8-11 (Hard)
Complete Chapters 8 through 11 on Hard difficulty.

New Testament: Ch. 12-13 (Hard) [SECRET ACHIEVEMENT]
Complete Chapters 12 and 13 on Hard difficulty.

New Testament: Close The Book [SECRET ACHIEVEMENT]
Complete Chapters 14 through the Epilogue on Hard difficulty.

Umbra Elder
Complete all Chapters on Hard difficulty.
Beat the game on Hard and you earn all Hard difficulty achievements along the way as during the Normal playthrough.

Legendary Dark Witch
Complete all Chapters on ∞ Climax difficulty.
Just survive the game on Infinite Climax difficulty. Witch Time is disabled, so use the Evil Harvest Rosary to deal extra damage every time you successfully dodge attacks along with Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa to counter attacks.

I’m A Bit… I Mean Witch.
Execute a Torture Attack.
To execute a Torture Attack you need 8 Charges of your Magic Gauge filled and then you have to press ‘Y’ + ‘B’.

Feels Good, Doesn’t It?
Execute 50 Torture Attacks.
Repeat 50 times, the achievement is cumulative so you don’t have to do it during one chapter.

Tread Not So Softly
Kill an enemy by jumping on top of them.
The easiest place to earn this achievement is in the 10th Alfheim Challenge, which can be found once you exit Jörmungandr’s Staff after the Witch walk. Instead of going up, go down and enter the challenge. You have to stay up in air for one minute, just drop on one of the Dears in the process. Note that it doesn’t work, if you have Durga equipped on your legs.

Nice And Relaxed
Avert 10 enemy attacks with the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equipped.
Averting an attack is quite easy. First you have to buy the accessory “Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa” for 200,000 Halos in the Gates of Hell, then equip it via the Item menu. Now, you have to push the ‘LS’ in the direction of the incoming attack. If the angel is pushed back and you see a black circle appear where Bayonetta and the angel clashed, you’ve done it right.

Touch And It Will Hurt
Counter 10 enemy attacks with the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equipped.
Countering is a bit more difficult than averting attacks. You have to time it so that you push the ‘LS’ in the last possible moment before the attack really connects. Maybe you noticed that a rose appears once you get hit. Shortly before it appears or the instant it does push the ‘LS’. If done correctly a longer Witch Time is engaged and Bayonetta attacks the angel. It requires practice, so do it with a single enemy until you get the timing right.

Touch And It Will REALLY Hurt
Counter three enemy attacks consecutively with the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equipped.
You have to counter three attacks without getting hit or averting the enemies.

Come Here, Little Boy
Taunt and defeat five plus angered enemies while taking no damage. Gaze of Despair may be equipped.
Taunt an enemy by locking on with ‘RB’ and pressing ‘LB’. The animation needs to fully done to count. If successful, the targeted angel will roar and turn orange for a short time. Its attacks are more frequent and faster. You have to defeat five taunted Enemies without getting hit. Once you get hit, you have to restart from 0. You can buy “Gaze of Despair” to make it easier as it taunts every Angel around you automatically.

Wicked Weaver
Execute a Wicked Weave attack while using Dodge Offset.
The trick here is to use dodge offset. For example use the Combo ‘Y’, hold ‘B’, ‘Y’. While you hold ‘B’, press ‘RT’ and still hold ‘B’. You should continue to shoot after the dodge. Now press ‘Y’ to release the wicked weave punch

Wicked Weave Master
Execute 20 Wicked Weave attacks while using Dodge Offset.
You don’t have to be in battle for this, so just spam Wicked Weave 20 times wherever you want.

The Deepest Cut
Kill 20 enemies using only Iai-Jutsu with Shuraba. (Iai-Jutsu performed by holding the Y button.)
Equip the Shuraba and engage Witch Time. Immediately hold ‘Y’ until Bayonetta charged it two times and release it once some stupid angels are near you to receive an instant death.

Higher And Higher
While never setting foot on the ground, grab enemies 10 times using Kulshedra.
After you received the Kulshedra, equip it. Then double jump and attack with ‘Y’ (hold) to pull an enemy towards you. After this you can double jump again. Repeat this until it unlocks.

The Ice Witch
Freeze 20 enemies while wearing Odette.
Once you have the Odette equip it to the feet and kick an enemy with ‘B’ frequently until it freezes. Do it another nineteen times.

A Mother’s Love
Defend Cereza during the out of body experience, ensuring she takes no damage.
You will finally meet the “little one” and like a good mother protect her. Once the sequence starts, you will notice a purple shield around her. Your goal is simple, keep away the naughty angels, so that no attack connects with the shield. Easiest done with ‘Y’, ‘B’, ‘Y’ while Shuraba is equipped. Throw in Torture attacks to finish bigger angels in an instant.

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Record Collector
Obtain three complete Angelic Hymn Gold LPs.
See Record Fanatic.

Record Fanatic
Obtain seven complete Angelic Hymn Gold LPs.
There are 9 Angelic Hymns in total, but you only need 7 of them to have the achievement. Bring each one to Rodin, in Gates of Hell, to obtain new weapons.

Chapter 1 -verse 4, Vigrid central station (Gaudì style). Impossible to miss, ‘cause you’ll obtain it after beating the first “Beloved” boss.

Chapter 2 -verse 7, another LP you cannot miss, ‘cause is the prize for the battle with those 2 “Beloved”.

Chapter 3 -verse 4, price for the first “Fairness” fight.
Chapter 3 -in Paradiso, garden of light (around verse 10), on a little island behind the heaven gate you came through. Walk on water, you cannot sink.

SONATE IN DK.448 (3 pieces):
Chapter 5 -verse 2, price for fighting “Grace & Glory”.
Chapter 5 -verse 5, price for beating the flock of Harmony (flying manta enemies).
Chapter 5, just after verse 9, while you’re walking on that rocky “snake spine” stairway leading up in the open (the one with all those wind spirits), at some point, on the left, there’s a round pool filled with water, with a column in the middle. The third piece is in an Umbra chest behind the column.

LES PATINEURS WALTZ OP.183 (3 pieces):
Chapter 6, in an Umbra chest just behind you at the beginning.
Chapter 6 -before verse 2, break some rocks on the left from the entrance, while you’re down in the water. Behind them you’ll find an Umbra chest with the second part of the disk.
Chapter 6 -verse 9, price for beating the “Joy” impostor. 🙂

MESSIAH HWV.56 (3 pieces):
Chapter 9 -around verse 1. Go to the original exit of the Gaudì plaza. When you find the brick wall with the sun icon blocking your way, break it to discover an Umbra chest with the first part (watch it! There’s another wall with sun icon at the entrance of the plaza. In here you’ll find a portal, not the chest you need!).
Chapter 9 -verse 6, price for beating those two flying “Kinships”.
Chapter 9 -just after verse 8, instead of ascending with the light bridge (the one after the huge crashing ball), jump over the chasm. At the end of the walkway there’ll be another brick wall with the sun icon. Break it for the Umbran chest with the final part.

HALLELUJAH (single):
Beat 100 chapters at normal or higher difficulty for the Sa-Fung nunchucks. Chapter 1 for 100 times will do, but I think a boss chapter like the fourth or the seventh would be shorter.

Beat the game at “Non-Stop Climax” difficulty, and you’ll have Pillow Talk saber.

Beat “Hard Mode” for the Bazillions pistols.

Video Example

Treasure Collector
Discover half of all the Umbra Witches’ final resting places.
See Treasure Fanatic.

Treasure Fanatic
Discover all of the Umbra Witches’ final resting places.
Here’s a guide to find the location of every one of them.

The Path To The Heavens
Discover all Alfheim portals.
See Angel Slayer.

Angel May Cry
Complete half of all Alfheim portals.
See Angel Slayer.

Angel Slayer
Complete all Alfheim portals.
Alfheim Challenges are bright yellow portals on the ground and there are twenty-one of them throughout the game. Once you complet one, it will be saved and can be redone while replaying a chapter. For all locations look here.

Truth In Its Purest Form
Collect all of Antonio’s Notes.
These Notes look more like books with a purple glow around them. They are most of the time placed on the main path and it shouldn’t be possible to miss them.
Here is the list with the Note titles in the order you can find them.
Chapter 1:
– A Voyage towards truth: In front of the Sage+Witch crystal Statue
– The Crystal Witch & Sage: Right in front of you after the first Gates of Hell Portal
– A Witch’s Brew: Right beside the second Gates of Hell Portal

Chapter 2:
– An unkown Metal Wall: Right before the first metal wall
– Notes on the Topic of Magic I: After the introduction of Luka, go up the small stairs to the right of the exit and it is in front of you.
– Notes on the Topic of Magic I: After you fought the Enchants, you enter a plaza. Go right and atop of the staircase next to the Chest is the note.
– About the Umbra Witches I: After the fight with the two Beloved, between the next set of crystal statues.

Chapter 3:
– Abouth the Umbra Witches II: Right in front of you after the quick time event
– Notes on the Topic of Magic III: Once you enter the Catacombs, it is on the path to your right.
– The Old Coliseum: After the witch walk part once you hit the road leading to the coliseum.

Chapter 5:
-Crescent and Sunrise Valleys: Right at the start of the level a bit to the left of you
– Heavenly Manipulators: On the right, next to the Manipulator
– The Witches’s Tears of Blood: Once you reach the Gates of Hell portal, go left and jump down.
– Witch Graves within the City: Once you exit the Staff and go up the serpent way, you will see a pool of water to the left with the note.
– Rodin & The Gates of Hell: Once you killed the Inspired and have to climb up the broken stairs, you will find the note beneath the chest.

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Chapter 6:
– Entering Vigrid: Before you go down to smash the gate, go right and collect the note
– Notes on the Topic of Magic IV: After you cross spike floor and open the door, it is right behind it.
– The Laguna Faith and Vigrid’s Rise: Right behind the door after you protected Cereza.
– Purgatorio, Center of the Trinity: After you escape the Beloved with Cereza, it is midway to the Portal to Paradiso.
– The Angel’s Banquet Hall – Alfheim: After you kill Joy, it is right next to the Portal.
– Prominence Bridge: After you went through the Portal, it is right of the bridge before you cross it.

Chapter 12:
– The Valkyrie Military Transport: Before you exit through the door to the cargo bay, you will find this note next to the door.
– The Gjallarhorn strategic Defense Initiative: After the two battles, next to Gates of Hell portal.
– Treasure of the Clans – The Eyes of the World: After your battle with Jeanne, you have to cross the room with electrified water, you will find it on your way through.

Chapter 15:
– Island in the Sun – Isla Del Sol: After you killed Temperantia with the Cannons, it is just beyond the corner.
– Ithavoll CEO I: Once you get to the Pole you have to turn to activate the “moving wall” don’t use it yet. Instead, run further and you will find it.
– Ithavoll CEO II: Once you traversed the moving wall, turn around and look back. You can see the platform, which you should go to fight Golem again and two others which have smaller platforms leading to the center. There is the final note.
– To my beloved Son: Unlocks after collecting the final note.


You Want To Touch Me?
Engage Witch Time successfully 10 times.
To engage With Time you have to press ‘RT’ shortly before the attack hits Bayonetta. You can also dodge into a attack, for example shots from the Tuba or a Fireball, and activate Witch Time.

Nice Try
Engage Witch Time successfully 10 times consecutively.
The easiest way to do this is by using the statues which throw lightning at you so that you can activate Witch Time 10 successfully in a row.

Earn 10 Platinum Medals. Must be earned in 10 different battles.
To earn a Platinum Medal you need good scores in the three Combat Ratings. To earn a high combo shoot with ‘X’ if enemies are too far away and close in while firing the Pistols. You can increase your attack value by taunting enemies with ‘LB’. The down side of that approach is that they are more aggressive and attack faster.

The next rating is the needed time to finish the Verse you are currently in. Note that a Verse only begins with a Battle and usually ends after this fight. Sometimes you have to advance a bit for another fight or use a Huge Key to finish the Verse.

The final rating is the damage taken. No damage taken results in a pure platinum and is something you should aim for. Even if you take 1-3 hits you can get a gold and if the other are pure platinum or platinum you get an overall platinum.

During each chapter is a Verse which only consists of 2-6 Enemies you can easily dispatch. If you have trouble with the game play, just replay the chapter and give it your best in these short Verses. A good example is Chapter 1, Verse 2.

Double, Double, Toil And Trouble
Create 20 Concoctions.
Concoctions just means to create Items with the ingredients you can find by destroying benches, pots, statues, etc. To create an Item, enter the Item Menu, press ‘→’ and see the recipes on the left side. To add ingredients press and hold ‘R’ and after you added enough to create the Item rotate ‘RS’. Repeat nineteen times for the achievement.

Seeker Of Magic
Purchase three new techniques.
Enter the Gates of Hell, choose Techniques and purchase three of them.

Commander Of Magic
Purchase all techniques.
You need 245,000 Halos to buy all techniques. Note that the last three are available after Chapter 5 and buying “Crow Within”. I recommend buying only Air Dodge, Stiletto and Bat Within instead of focusing on buying all techniques. Wait until you have all the needed Accessories, Witch Hearts and Pearls to make your life easier.

Naughty Tentacles
Destroy all the tentacles that drop down together during in single sequence in Chapter 9.
Use the Kulshedra and the Pistol. You can slow down with firing the Pistols and try to destroy the tentacles either by falling through the orange spot or hit it with the Kulshedra.

Fire The Afterburners
Earn Platinum Medals during Verse 1 and Verse 2 of Chapter 14.
This one is a bit of a pain on normal, so change the difficulty to “very easy”. The key is not getting hit and you don’t need a pure platinum medal in both Verses, a platinum is enough.

Video Example

Just In The Nick Of Time
Dodge the runaway streetcar during Chapter 2.
You will exit a plaza, walk through an arc and see a tram driving by in front of you. Proceed a bit forward and the camera will show you another tram derailing. Do a simple double jump to avoid it.

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