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Bayonetta – Skipping Start-Up Videos

Skipping Start-Up Videos

You can delete video files in Steam/steamapps/common/Bayonetta/data/movie/ without any crashing.

I got the SEGA logo, the Platinum Games logo, and the intro video that plays before the START screen. Loading time on start-up is improved and you don’t have to skip as many pre-rolls. There seems to be nothing that can be done about the CRIWARE logo.

PlatinumGames.sfd is the Platinum Logo,
B_US_0000.sfd is the SEGA logo.
Then syukyaku_A.sfd for the Intro.

This was done with trial and error, moving files out and then checking the effect. Let me know if you can decode the .sfd files and maybe we can eliminate the cutscene for entering Rodin’s shop by deleting another .sfd file.

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Written by elBenyo

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