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Beasts of Bermuda Cheats & Console Commands

Console Commands

Here is the list of the different game commands available in Beasts of Bermuda. While playing the game, press Tilde ~ (The key above TAB) to display the console window.

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SetWeather Fog Rain Cumulus SkyGreyness WindIntensity WindDirectionX WindDirectionY Lightning Surge

Sets the various storm parameters.


Allows the player to see when the next storm will be, or, if it is storming, see how long it has been since the storm started.


Allows the player to force a storm to come, but not specify its intensity or duration. This command will take a minute or two to execute due to the way the storm system works. Be patient with it!

PauseWeather Boolean

Allows the player to pause the current weather system, keeping the effects as is for an indefinite period of time.

ToggleWeatherData Boolean

Allows the player to continuously see a stream of information about the storm.


Allows the player to call a lightning bolt to the location at the center of their screen.


Teleports the player to the location in the center of their screen.

TeleportAt LocationX LocationY

Teleports the player to the specified coordinates

TeleportToP PlayerName Mode( ID/N)

Teleports the player to an other one, either specified by their name (by default) or their ID on the server.

“TeleportToP SomeGuy” will teleport you to SomeGuy

“TeleportToP 325 ID” will teleport you to the player with ID 325.


Toggles display of the coordinates in the top center of the screen.

PossessEntity Species

Has an optional argument, Species. If Species is provided, the player will automatically spawn and become the specified species. If it is not provided, the player will possess the creature they are looking at in the center of the screen.

The player can spawn as the Observer by using this mode and specifying Observer as the Species argument. This allows the player to roam the map as a floating camera, useful for getting great screenshots or recording gameplay footage from different angles.

You are not allowed to possess a player-owned entity.


Destroys the creature in the center of the player’s screen.

You are not allowed to destroy a player-owned entity.


Allows the player to respawn.


Enables physics on the player’s creature.

SpawnEntity Species

Allows the player to spawn a creature of their choice in the center of their screen.


Allows the player to fill all of their stats to max.

SetPlayerStats Health Stamina Ability Water Food Comfort

Allows the player to specify the levels of their various stats. Specifying health of 0.5, for example, will fill health to halfway full.


Destroys all carcasses on the map.


Displays debug data related to the player’s state.


Displays debug data related to the player’s controller.


Toggles the boolean game state ‘AllowAnyInput.’ This command was important for debugging the notorious stuck bug.

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