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Beasts of Bermuda – Status Effects

Status Effects

There are many things in game that will give you a buff or debuff, and in this section I will cover all of them in detail. The image above shows a few of the ones you will encounter in game, and as you can see each one details what is wrong and why it’s happening, and how to fix it. I’ll go into further details below.

Negative Effects

Thalassophobic: Caused by being a Terrestrial animal and swimming in the deep sea. This is solved by getting to shore. This can drop your comfort sharply, though there are talents that reduce how stressed you get while swimming.

High Pressure: A effect caused by going too deep into the ocean. Talents can reduce how deep you can go before you start feeling the stress of the pressure. Returning to the surface will remove the debuff.

Bleeding: Caused by an Acrocanthosaurus’s bite. It will prevent health and comfort from regenerating until the bleed heals. Sprinting increases bleed, while Resting heals it the fastest.

Intimidation: If a creature takes the Intimidation Talent, you will get this debuff near them if you are an enemy. It will cause your comfort to decrease rapidly, potentially causing you damage if your comfort drops low enough. Getting out of range of the creature will remove the debuff.

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Beached: Only affecting Aquatic creatures, this debuff happens when you are on dry land or in water too shallow to swim in. This can quite rapidly reduce your comfort, and getting into the sea is the way to remove it. There are Talents that reduce how stressed you are on land.

Injury: Caused by heavy attacks or fall damage / pteranodon crashing. This debuff slows you down, making your creature limp if the Injury damage is high enough. Resting and time is the only way to heal it.

Food Poisoning: Eating rotten meat will give you this debuff. It drops your comfort, though eating specific comfort flowers around the map can help you heal it and survive.

The Elements: Weather is a big comfort hit, and the more severe the storm, the more dangerous it is on your comfort. Rain and wind are the main causes of the debuff, and getting into shelter can reduce and even remove it. This only shows up when you start losing -15 Comfort per tick. Severe weather is going to reduce your comfort in general, even if this buff is not showing up.

Positive Effects

Healthy Herbs: Eating specific plants around the map will give you this buff, and you will grow faster, heal faster, be more comfortable, and recharge stamina and abilities faster.

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Near Friends: Caused by being in a group with allies. This gives you a powerful comfort boost that will in turn affect how fast you grow.

Enhanced Growth: During bad weather, your growth rate is increased, and the discomfort other creatures cause you is reduced.

Neutral Effects

Well-Fed: Eating over a specific amount will induce this buff, which also functions as a minor debuff. It drops your comfort, movement speed, and stamina but allows you more health, and heal faster. You also dont’ have to worry about eating for a while since you have some extra packed on

Carrying Eggs: As a Female after mating, you get this debuff while carrying eggs. Your food and water will reduce faster and you will be more uncomfortable. The more eggs you carry, the greater the effect

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