Beholder 2 - 100% Achievement Guide

Beholder 2 – 100% Achievement Guide

Guide on how to obtain every achievements in the game.

Achievement Guide

Part 1

-Team Building (Be killed by a colleague)- Its very easy. The easiest way is to agree to help Marco Legrand pranking quest then refuse and insult him and then destroy him with words.

-The World Fairest Court (Get arrested)- Maybe the easiest. Take item from your colleague desk or prohibited item to secury gate when they say you must pay or go to jail… you know what to do.

-Lootboxing (Find all father’s boxes)- Just search everywhere where you can. Some are in desks, plants etc. Search and you will get this. If I remember corectly on each flor they are 7 boxes, total there is a 21 boxes.

-Wanted to live when dying (Wanted to die when living)- Just die. For easies way look to “Team Building” achiv.

-50 Shades of Loyalty (Salute the Leader statue 50 times)- Find statue on 1st floor and salute. Each saute cost’s 5min and gives you 1 point of autitory. So to do this on one attempt you need 4h and 10 min

-Lend a Pushing Hand (Spit in Morris) – On your first day you will see Morris falling with papers talk to him and take wright option

-Good Samaritan (Help Morris) – On your first day you will see Morris falling with papers talk to him and take wright option

-Date Doctor (Help Dong to make romance with Hazer) – After you agree to help him first he ask you what kind of flowers he should give her so you go to Hazer and ask about her fav. color and flower, then return to him and say “Red Roses”. Next day he say when she saw this flowers she laughted (or smiled). Now you need him help with his talking problems. You need to give him alcohol (one bottle of Whisky is in plant somewhere) and magazine about talking (Inside Hazer deck). When you give him those items say to drink a little bit so he wont be drunk as hell. Next day he say he will say he need another help by teling him what he must say. Go to your terminal and click on camera icon, here you decide what he should say, its easy as long as you are nice and be gentleman. If you said wright things achivment will be yours like Hazer love to Dong 😉

-Burning Man (…with blackjack and hookers!)- Its easy, when Ferguson make party in his office dont be partypooper. When
lying person ask you to help… well… dont. When dancer ask for water give vodka, when to persons decide bettwen red pill (reality) and blue pill (illusion) say Illusion. They are also other two people “soaked in alcohol” give them a light and then talk to DJ and make toast for Ferguson. Then talk to him and achiv its yours.

-Sugar Blood (All sugar is in limited supply)- Find some file to archive and tell about Magda Rakovich. When she will go hack her terminal and search everything. After that talk to her and say you will help her ,she wants 3 things. First she need some paper for food. Search file cabinet next to her (need 8h) then give it to her. Second she will say she need insulin. Go to the old river (from your house, need 3h) then search second place and find wires, go to third place and youse this wires on door. (first place gives you only bill and trying open door without wires gives you other bill). After you do it return to her and she want last thing. You must give soap to this orphans. Hack Ferguson terminal (she should give you skill book for that) and then write right code (its on paper she also gived you) and choose what this orphans get (remember they need soap). Then talk to her about it and she should say she have granddaughter there. Return to home and by using phone call Archives and ask about Magda’s granddaughter then return to her, tell Magda what’s her name and achiv its yours.

-Undermining Foundations (Arrange an explosion in the Ministry)- When you will be in your home someone will knock on your door. If its the person from “New tommorow” agree to help him. Then go to courier and give him chip and say wright code and… achiv its yours.

-Breaking Bad (Make Emma Hazer overdose) – When on square you will find person who want you give letter to Marco Legrand open it and read it. Then when you give it to Marco, he will give you offer about his deal. Agree and first help him smugle drugs to the building (by helping security guard or Serena Marwitz). After that Marco wants you to sell some “vitamins” to personel. You can sell them to Emma Hazer (for first sell need 500 points). Then for 3-4 day sell her another pills (or give her for free). After she will need it so bad that she will buy it this drug for 3k… sell it and she will overdose and you have your achiv… hope you will be happy with your self :/

-Easy Girl (Seduce Emma Hazer) – Hack Emma terminal. You will see she needs money. Talk to her and choose “Flirt” opcion and offer money (500) and then… well achiv its yours.

-Marco? Polo! (Set up Marco Legrand)- I think you just have to make arrest Marco. They are many thigs. The easiest is when you are friends with Dong ask him about revenge to Marco. Hack Marco terminal, tell what you know and then see how Marco reacts for Dong prank…

-No Pain, No Gain… (Find office 101)- Some guy in line will want talk to you about office 101, agree to help then ask couries about it and go to wright place. After you will know what happend in office 101 you will get this achiv.

-Twirl It! (Win the Supergame)- Easy… just win the Supergame on floor 12 or you will die. How win? Just make your job wright and you will be fine.

-Evan The Homogenized (Lose the Supergame)- Just be useless. Dont work. Go home many times so the enemy team will win and you will die.

-A Dose Of Reality (Help Mulphy accept the truth)- After “Quiz” quest next day Rose give you quest with Mulphy. After you will talk to her, hack her terminal and use phone in home to call mental hospital you will know how to help her. Ask with Mulphy about her son and then pretend to be him. If you will do this correct tell her truth and achiv its yours.

-There’re things you can’t control. (For everything else, there’s mafia)- You must make know who is John Smith. After you will know he is from mafia help him. When ask to search square some stranger say he wants to lure Smith, dont agree and tell John about mafia on square. Then he will ask for 3 item to escape incognito: dress (inside Mulphy desk), wig (buy from courier) and fake pass (use doors in house to go and buy). Give those items to Smith and achiv its yours.

-Collective Immunity (Vaccinate all Carl clones)- When you will be on floor 25 (when you make clones) return to home. There some guy from future should be. Make what he ask (hack to wright colleague desk and choose B) then go home again and time travler will be… again. He give you vaccine for Carl clones. Use it on 5 Carl’s on floor 25 (each one needs 100 authority points). After that achiv its yours.

-Psalms Of Joy (Read the testaments of Isaac Weinberg)- You need find book inside Isaac Weinberg deck, go home and read it then achiv its yours.

-Whoever Makes Himself Low Will Be Made High (Express distrust to Isaac’s testaments)- After you make Isaac quest “Carl Zero” he will want you to read his testament (watch achiv “Psalms of joy”). When you read it talk to him and… “insult his religious sensibilities”. You will get arrested but achiv will be yours.

-Chemical Brothers (Solve environmental problems) – On floor 25 colleague named Stephen will ask you for help. They are many solucions. Easiest is take antidoute by talking with Otto use authority points and then return to Stephen and say him Otto will give him what he wants.

-Career Development (Get promoted to Floor 12) – Just get promotion. Get wright amount of authority points and use phone in Minister building on floor 1

-Rising Star (Get promoted to Floor 25) – Just get promotion. Get wright amount of authority points and use phone in Minister building on floor 12

-Top Of The World (Get promoted to Floor 37) – Just get promotion. Get wright amount of authority points and use phone in Minister building on floor 25

Part 2

-One-Stop Service (Processed 100 forms at Floor 1) -Just make your job on Floor 1 100 times. You will need 40h to do that so you will need 5 days to do only work.

-Behind The Seven Seals (Processed 100 forms at Floor 12)- Like before. Make your work 100 times this time on Floor 12. You will need like 5 and half day to only do job 100 times.

-Dirty Hundred (Processed 100 objects at Floor 25) – Make 100 clones correct. This in nothing hard… just it takes long.

-My Sweet Pie (Don’t hang up in the name of love!)- After your wife call you and you can hang up dont do it until you will get achiv.

-Leader’s Mustache (Die of the Leader’s Mustache in the explosion)- When you will be in home use doors (need 5h) then choose wright lines. Remain silent, nod, dont go after guy. Then you will die and achiv will be yours.

-Naive (Give money to the swindler)- To your doors should knock some guy pretending to be manager of this building. He will ask you for money. Give him 100 and you will get achiv.

-Doesn’t look like anything to me (Bring Carl to tears. Too much Carl in this game!)- On floor 25 your boss gives you this quest after test. He will show you real Carl Stein and solve his problem. Use your phone inside house, then use your doors to go Carl last job place. Ask about everything Doctor and Ranek family. Then return to your boss and agree to pretend be Carl family. Say correctly everything and achiv will be yours.

-Extended Friendship (Watch all TV series recommended by colleagues) – Just be friend with all the collegue who love TV series. Watch the TV they like and talk about it with them, and repeat (Thanks for Ocean_J)

-Soap Opera (Replace twins) – First talk with Hank Wright and offer him money (just 20). Then ask your co-workes why he is angry. Then talk with him having bottle of whiskey and make him talk why he needs to drink. (need 150 points to do that). Then talk with courier he say you should talk with guard on entrence to building (300 points for that) and with Werter Otto. Otto will need “memory stick”, to get it go to home and by using door buy it for 300 money. Then return… after you will talk with Otto and guart return to Hank. He want you investigate De Salvo office. Go to terminal and open hidden door (to know password you need to examin De Salvo messeges, go to dog show and ask about De Salvo’s dog name). There you will find Hank brother. Try to free him but then should be show De Salvo, negociate with him. He will say he wants Hank, agree, go to Hank and tell him about his brother.

-DOKA 2 (Participate in De Salvo’s activities)- Watch achiv “Soap Opera” but dont free Hank’s brother… torture him alone and when De Salvo show up… torture Hank’s brother with him.

-Simple Math (Save Many)

As Pure As Child’s Tears(Save One)- Do quest for the De Salvo (tape and wrap, med kit and book quest). You must also know about his “hobby” and I think he must know it (do “DOKA 2” or “Soap Opera” achiv). Then he will ask you to throw cart into shreder, do it. Some time later (maybe 2 days) De Salvo wants you in his office and say he want you to be his assistan, agree of course. Lure person who is complaing about Shreder (900 points needed) and return to him. You will go to his secret floor with him. After his tour refuse what he asks then he will tell you to get remote from his desk then return to him. There will be 2 chambers, Number 1 with many people and Number 2 with one child. De Salvo wants you do decide who should live and who should die. Chose people to get first achiv or chose child to get second. Of course you can load your save file to get both on one attempt
(Thank user “Lampshade made in PRC” for this information)

-Good Riddance (Organize the escape of Maria Curee)- Otto will ask you to talk with Curie why she isn’t working, you must talk with her but first you must know how. Book about her languege is inside Issac office (go to home and study it). After that you will know her secury guard her. Return to Otto and say line where you must pay 1k of money (other lines will cause Curie death or suicide). Next day talk with her, she will say she is pregnant with guard. Convince her to contact with embasady, go home use your phone and then return to your office on floor 25. After statement achiv is yours.

-Over The Heads (Write reports to all competitors): To wrtie reports give make sure there is something to read. For example if they have their own problems just write report and if not find banned items and left them inside their desks. If you cant find those items you can also buy banned item from courier for 999 money. (Thanks Johan for info)


For each ending you will need Heimdall codes inside Biometric Safe’s if you have all (250) you can get every ending.

-Dog In The Manger (Destroy the repeaters) – You will need 50 Heimdall codes

-Our Savior (Sacrifice yourself) – You will need 0 Heimdall codes

-Happiness for all! Free of charge! (And let no one leave offended!) – You will need 200 Heimdall codes

-Bend The Knee (Use Heimdall for your own purposes) – You will need 200 Heimdall codes

-Up To You (Enforce free will for people) – You will need 250 Heimdall codes

-What A Twist! (Transfer the Heimdall control to the cunning) -Give power to George Hemnitz. You will need 150 Heimdall codes for that.

-Panem Et Circenses! (Transfer the Heimdall control to Ferguson) – Give power to Ferguson so he cant be arrested. You will need 100 Heimdall codes for that.

-Hecatomb (Transfer the Heimdall control to De Salvo) – Give power to De Salvo so he cant be arrested. You will need 150 Heimdall codes for that.

-Utopia (Transfer the Heimdall control to Weinberg)- Give power to Weinberg so he cant be arrested. You will need 150 Heimdall codes for that.

-Pillow Of Destiny (Kill the Wise Leader) – On floor 37 you can talk with Wise Leader. After you end talking agree to put out of its misery.

-Destiny of Pillow (Don’t kill the Wise Leader) – On floor 37 you can talk with Wise Leader. After you end talking refuse to put out of its misery.

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