Beholder 2 Ending Based Achievements

These achievements are rewarded based on what ending you’ve received. Save just before you choose which ending you want to get multiple ending achievements in one run. Most endings will require you to have Heimdall codes found within biometric locks scattered throughout the ministry. There are 250 codes in all. 8 biometrics safes are found on Floor 1, another 8 on Floor 12, and last 7 on Floor 25. See “Biometric Safe Locations” for more information.

Ending Based Achievements

Our Savior
Sacrifice Yourself No Heimdall Codes Required

Dog in the Manger
Destroy the Repeaters 50 Heimdall Codes Required

Panem Et Circenses!
Transfer the Heimdall Control to Ferguson 100 Heimdall Codes Required

Transfer the Heimdall Control to De Salvo 150 Heimdall Codes Required

Transfer the Heimdall Control to Weinberg 150 Heimdall Codes Required

What A Twist!
Transfer the Heimdall Control to the Former Colleague 150 Heimdall Codes Required

Happiness For All! Free of Charge!
And Let No One Leave Offended! 200 Heimdall Codes Required

Bend The Knee
Use Heimdall For Your Own Purposes 200 Heimdall Codes Required

Up To You
Enforce Free Will For People All Heimdall Codes Required

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