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Beholder 2 The Appeals Game V1.0

This guide is a basic walkthrough for those who have trouble understanding the Appeals Minigame within Beholder 2. This is a port over from my guide in the beta with updated info.

Appeal Types


For the request type it is very straight forward, If someone is requesting something. Example “Hello I know how to make our country great again. I would like to become a minister where do I apply?” He is requesting information on how to become a minister.


Complaints are for people who do not know who did somthing and do not have a specific name. Example “A group of people broke into my shed” We do not know names so its a complaint.


This one is easy to find out. If the person states another persons name it is most likely a Denunciation. They are denouncing another person and would like them punished. Example “I am here to let you know that Wanda Wonderkampf refuses to participate in patriotic rallies.” They are complaining about a specific person.


For the general purpose of someone has information for you. Example “I have the results of the latest Patriotism poll.” This is information they are giving to the ministry.

Ministry Types

Ministry Selection

Now this one is a bit harder to get a perfect hold on but I will try my best to explain them.


Order is to do with anything Law based. Vandalism, theft, harrasment, and the like.


Patriotism is anything to do with the Leader or the war.

Social Care

Social care is anything to do with social life. Housing, Hospitals, Education.


Labor is anything to do with Jobs and the Workplace. Examples “Cold working conditions, Dumping milk”

Culture and Sports

Culture and sports is anything to do with Theater, music (Except national songs thats patriotism), or sport based items. Examples “Soccer Match, Theater Instructor”

Science and Technology

No brainer here Science and Technology is to do with any inventions or upgrades to machinery. Example “Neighbors invented an inhaler, Conveyor upgrades”

Office Selection

So this is pretty straight forward. You pick an office based on the day of the week which is on the clock to your right and then scroll through the list of offices on the right that match to the ones on your screen pick the office that is open that day.

Written by Tylerun

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