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Bendy and the Dark Revival: All Gent Pipe Upgrades Locations

Have you ever seen these schematics around but only ever found 1 or 2 because of how the game doesn’t give you key locations to them?

Well don’t fret! This guide will show you every gent upgrade location around as well as some tips to help you until end game. This also grants you the “Gent’s Finest” achievement.

P.S: This guide has a lot of images.

What are Gent Pipe Upgrades?

Gent Pipe Upgrades are, well, upgrades for your gent pipe! All 3 upgrades do something different, and some are actually required in order to beat the game.

What are Schematics?

All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)Picture of a schematic location above. (I already took it which is why it doesn’t show.)

Schematics are what you use in order to upgrade your gent pipe, and there are 3 currently in the game. 1 is for utility and the other 2 are for fighting. They can be found in certain locations, the first one is found in the employee locker room (presumably after meeting Porter and getting the flow ability.) This unlocks the battery upgrade, which allows you to open doors that need a fully charged gent pipe. Tesla coils are different as they can take any charged gent pipe, although its good to keep it fully charged. This is only for chapter 5.

What are Safe and Sound cards?

All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
These allow you to open the Safe and Sound lockers, they contain goodies like food and items. Once everything is taken inside of them they close. They are required if you want to heal up, get a few extra items or if you want a schematic (see Gent Pipe Upgrade Location 3.)

How do I Upgrade my Gent Pipe?

It’s simple! When you have a schematic that’s unused the gent upgrade stations will be lit (no not in terms of fire in terms of light) which means that they can be used.

Gent Pipe Upgrade Location 1

Ability Requirements: None.

First after meeting Porter and getting the flow ability, head all the way back to the place with the leap of faith area. You should see a lost one opening the employee lockers door, follow it. When you do walk around until you see a door with a code needed, it’s 215. Then you should enter a room with a crate in it and a schematic.
All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
Next, after picking it up go to the gent upgrade station. All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
This gent upgrade allows you to unlock doors in order to enter story areas or other areas. If you don’t have enough items, the lockers around you have some in order for you to get this upgrade.

Well, What can I do With it?

Hold on, you can’t just unlock the door yet! The gent pipe battery needs charge in order for it to work. There are battery charge areas around the world of Bendy and each station takes 1 battery.
To make it work first put a battery in it, it should light up. Next put your gent pipe in and turn the switch, after a bit it will be charged.
And no, the photo didn’t mean to look cinematic at all.
All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
When you finish charging it, you can open the door that became locked when you entered it.

Note: The gent charge stations aren’t common! They only appear if the game decides you need it or if its required to continue with the story! If your gent battery is low and you see a charge station, use it. No charge, no chance.

What do Battery Refills do?

All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
I normally don’t use these considering I always have the stuff required for a gent pipe upgrade, however if you are out or low on batteries they will light up. Upon using them you get 2 batteries, just me assuming.

Gent Pipe Upgrade Location 2

Ability Requirements: Flow.

After heading to Artists Rest, go in the middle building and change the door access to Lost and Found. You are gonna have to kill or banish lost ones, depending on how you play. But once you do go through the hallway to the lost and found station. Use your flow ability to get in it and head to the left. There you will find the 2nd schematic.All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
Just like the last one, head to the upgrade station behind you and upgrade it.All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)

Well, What can I do With it?

After seeing the cut-scene with the Ink Demon when you try to leave, you can then use the ability.
Upon hitting tab, it will use 2 bars of the battery in order for you to deal extra damage. This is useful for fighting bosses like King Widow. It can also be used just for areas with a lot of lost ones in.

Note: You can hit tab 3 times before it needs a recharge, and like I said. No charge, no chance.

Gent Pipe Upgrade Location 3

Ability Requirements: Flow, Linking.
Extra Requirements: Backtracking, Safe and Sound Card

The 3rd one is uh, hard to say the least. First you need to find Heidi after trying to open the door to the pit. Then once you do look behind you and head through the door, there walk forward until the cut-scene starts where you see Big Steve.All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
In order to move him, you need to go a long way back to the devils diner, and then head all the way back to Big Steve.
Luckily, the ability Heidi gives you makes backtracking way easier. First, exit the hallway from Big Steve’s location and turn right. You see the Linking right there? Use it.
All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
The Linking takes you to the start of Chapter 4. Go back through the hallway from the locked gate, and go until you enter King Widows chamber, look up to find the elevator shaft and use flow in order to get to the top of it.All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
You should see a Linking near the elevator.
All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
This should take you back to the place with the locked door beyond the leap of faith area. Continue going back until you see the Devils Diner, go to the kitchen.All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
Use the flow ability to get in here, the heart should be on a pan. Then go all the way back using the Linkings to the place near Big Steve.
When you give Big Steve the heart he will move out of the way.All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
Pull the lever and enter the place, you see the safe and sound locker? Use a card in order to open it, the schematic will be in there.All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
Find an upgrade station to upgrade it.All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)

Well, What can I do With it?

This upgrade is EXTREMELY helpful for defending yourself from the keepers. Hitting tab twice will charge the coil on top and any hit on a keeper will stun them for a few seconds, this is very useful for finding the music box pieces near the end of the game.All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)
This upgrade needs charge like the other ones.

Note: The stun effect isn’t just one hit and its gone, you can use it to stun multiple keepers at once if you somehow have lots chasing you.

Gent’s Finest Weapon (achievement and end)

After getting the last schematic upgrade and upgrading your pipe, leaving the game when you are done will give you the Gent’s Finest achievement.
And now after all your hard work you can look at your gent pipes true potential through the rest of the game!All Gent Pipe Upgrades (Locations)

If you have any comments, or fixes on where I was wrong please let me know. And I hope this helped you get the fully upgraded weapon!

Written by xinfinit_13x

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