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Bendy and the Dark Revival: All Memory Locations

All Memory Locations in Bendy and the Dark Revival. You can also check the Bendy and the Dark Revival Collectibles Guide page for the locations of all collectibles in the game.

All Memory Locations in Bendy and the Dark Revival

In case you just want to check quickly if you have missed something.

  1. Baseball
  2. Paper Airplane
  3. Rubber Duck
  4. Engine Oil
  5. Alarm Clock
  6. Fashionable Hat
  7. Crayons
  8. Milk Carton
  9. Cracked Mug
  10. Hot Dog


located in a cabinet above the desk just past the first hallway.

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Paper Airplane

Backtracking Required
in the hallway just past the Heavenly toys you can Flow Past a gate to access a part of the hallway where the paper airplane will be sitting on a barrel.

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Rubber Duck

located in a locker in the Animation Alley Vents (just before Animation Alley the place where they introduce the Ink Demon properly).

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Engine Oil

in Animator’s Rest on the upper floor near the door for “Upper Beds” in a trash can.

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Alarm Clock

located in a alcove in the Elevator shaft linking Artists Rest to the Sewers.

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All Collectables Guide

All Collectables Guide

Fashionable Hat

located on the Platform of the Train in the city over in the corner locker, not accessable till after chapter 4.

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Located in the Old Studio, where Joey Drew takes you in part 4. it is located in a hole in the ceiling in the hall towards the ink machine.

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Milk Carton

located to the left of the entrice to the pit next to a sandwich.

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Cracked Mug

a reward after helping the maid with her quest, it is located in the fountain.

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Hot Dog

located past a point of no return, it is in a locker on the right side of the room.

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