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Bendy and the Ink Machine – Chapter 5 Achievements

This is some theories on what the Chapter Five achievements are about.

Chapter 5 Achievements


So, this achievements probably means tht once in this chapter, we can be “lazy”. since we have Tom and Alison with us, it’s obvious it has something to do with them. Maybe it’s in a fight, where we would let them fight and kill the ennemy¬†without doing anything.¬†Or maybe a task that can be done faster if we help.

Standing Proud

This achievements is about a biiig choice. Maybe we will have to chose between two proposition that have something to do with “where we belong”

Since the picture is a hole, maybe we will have to fall on a certain hole to make our choice. (Like the Demon and Angel path, maybe there will be signs or something like that)

The fact that the achievements is called “standing proud” and that they used a picture of a hole with an arrow pointing down is pretty ironic.

A Sweet Discovery

Now, this achievements is one of he most interesting.

People thinks that it’s about Joey Drew or some discovery about him, and it’s possible.

But let’s take a look on the description.

“Say hello to an old friend.”

The mention of an “old friend” is familiar, isn’t it ?

Remember, in chapter 3, Alie said the exact same thing when talking of The Projectionnist.

“Take the lift down, say hello to an old friend.”

And finally, in the Chapter 5 reveal trailer, when it showed the corridor with Piper in it, there was a shadow that looked like the Projectionnist.

That’s why I think we’ll see the Projectionnist, once again, and one last time.

Or something with his corpse…We’ll know the 26th.

Pipes And Problems

This achievement may mean that in the Chapter, we’ll have to face a leak from a pipe, meaning that it will block our past. So we’ll have to find another way throught.

Shadows and Suffering

Now, this one is very interesting.

It possibly means that we’ll find something (One or more “Monster of ink”) in the depth of the Chapter 5 location.

There is possibly someting far bigger than we could possibly imagine that is waiting for us. Maybe a Thing bigger than the Ink Demon itself.

After all, all of the ink we saw must come from something and somewhere, right?

Valued Employee

There is nothing really important to say about this one.

It suggests that we will have to choose between a long and dangerous paths, and a shorter and more peaceful path.

The picture is weird, as the mention of “Employee” is. Maybe we will have some peaceful interaction with some sort of boss ? (Who knows, maybe Joey Drew ?)


Now, this achievement can suggest we’ll be able to take a more “pacifist” path.

It will maybe be unlocked if we kill every ink monster we see.

Now that we know that the lost ones will attack us (or just Alison), we may be able to talk or at least calm them down, or just kill those poor boys.

The Voice Collector

“Listen to all audio logs in the game.”

To Hell and Back

The mention of “Main Story” have been hyping all of us, uh ?

Nothing to say about this, exept that it can possibly lead to the existence of a “Side Story”. but, there is no achievements that says “Finished the Side Story.”, so this “Other Story” may just be some bonus audio tapes.

Or, maybe the game will consider the main story of “finished” if we listened to all of the audio tapes, and everything that is story related.

Thomas Connor said “To Hell and Back” in an audio tape, in chapter 3, but i can’t think of a possible link.

Master of Bacon

“Collect all of the bacon soup in the game.”

No Need for a Spoon

“Collect all the Bacon Soup in Chapter Five.”

Gold Record

“Find all of the hidden radios in the game.”

Toe Tappin

“Find the Radio in Chapter Five.”

Now Hear This!

“Listen to all audio logs in Chapter Five.”

Grand Puppeteer

“Find theMeatly in all chapters.”

Written by Just Monika

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