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Big Ambitions: Quick Guide to Warehousing and Logistics

This is a very quick and concise guide to Warehousing and Logistics

Quick Guide to Warehousing and Logistics

This guide is written based on Build 1718. As this is an early access game, things might change.

The following things are not covered well enough by the tutorial and are essential to running an efficient warehouse.

1 – Your drivers can only make a certain number of stops per day. This is determined by two things:

  • Logistics Manager Skill
    • A logistics manager can add three possible destination points based on skill level. The first point is unlocked at the following levels.
      • +1 points – skill 25-49%
      • +2 points – skill 50-74%
      • +3 points – skill 75-99%
      • +4 points – skill 100%
  • Type of Vehicle :
    • A van ( UMC Desert) gives two destinations by default.
    • A truck ( Freight Truck T1) gives four destinations by default.

A maximum level Logistics manager – 100% – with a Freight Truck T1 will yield 8 stops.

But what about driver skill?

Driver skill is currently only necessary for allowing the driver to use the Freight Truck T1. Your driver must have at least 50% skill to drive this truck. There are no other discernible game play effects.

Tips about Warehousing

  • You can only assign one logistics manager per warehouse.
  • You can place as many pallet racks as you want without regard to access, putting one right in front of the other. As each rack only has space for 60 item slots, some items – like clothing – take up a huge number of slots. Always try to fill up the warehouse as much as possible!
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