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Big Ambitions: Story Mode 7~8k Revenue per-day on Hard Difficulty

This is a short guide to set up your first enterprises to up to 7~8k revenue per day on “hard” difficulty.

Story mode – Jump-start on hard difficulty

This is a short guide to jump-start your enterprise. You will be moving along the first official story assignments and end up with a daily revenue around 7-8k at the point where your uncle asks you to start the fast-food (burger) shop.

This guide will not provide any information which is already covered by other more in-depth guides or the game itself.

The Beginning

In the beginning you will notice, that – after getting the job at “El gato” – you will have almost a day until your work shift starts. Use this day, go to the business school and study “basic business”. You will find the school at 7 4th Av.

Whenever you will have spare time between 6AM and 7PM use it to finish both courses.

Do not come late to your work as you need to finish your assignment before friday (day off!). Usually 07:15~07:20 is good as wake-up time as you need approx. 30 minutes to walk to “El gato”.

Eventually you will quit your job and take the first 15k loan to start up your business.

Open up the map an find a building in the vicinity of your appartment to start business. It is mandatory, that it has at least 15 traffic.

Grab the freebie car and purchase following items:

Square Appliances (16 4th Av.):
– Cleaning station
– 2x rounded shelf
– Drinks fridge
– Counter
– Cash register
– Stack of shooping baskets
– Storage shelf

IKA BOHAG: (50 4th St.):
– JayBeeel Loudspeaker 3

NY Distro INC (37 1st St.):
– 1x Paperbag (1000)
– 1x Soda Can (60)
– 1x Cheap gift (200)
– 1x Expensive gift (200)

place them in your store.

Store set up and hiring strategy

After have placed everything in your store, set up pricing and schedule:


Soda Can: 3.6$
Cheap Gift: 24$
Expensive Gift: 55$

Monday-Sunday: 10:00-24:00

Since you will be selling stuff yourself, starting your shop at 10AM is just enough time to:

  • get up at 7AM, drive to NY Distro to be there at their opening (8AM), grab everything you need for your shop and get back there at 09:30AM
  • get up at 7AM, get to Andersen Recruitment (16 5h Av.) to start a recruitment campaign (see below)

During your first days in the shop use the time where no customers come to clean it up using the cleaning station.

As soon as you have 5000$ and enough supplies to sustain a day without driving to NY Distro open up the interior designer and put in a new floor and walls with a total worth of a bit more than 5k.

start two recruitment campaigns: 10 in 10 days for customer service, 10 in 10 days for cleaning.

As long as you do not have enough employees take anyone the recruiter sends to you. Since you work on a 7-days setup, this means that “full-time” employees can work up to 7 hours a day (49 hours total), “part-time” up to 4 hours a day (28 hours total)

As soon as your business is running without you working at the counter, start looking more closely at potential new hires:

refuse outright any candidate with following properties:
– salary more than 36/h
– part-time
– needs “peaceful”
– anything that prevents him/her working 7 days a week

If anything of the above applies to any of your employees you have hired already and you are being offered better alternatives: hire & fire

The last steps

As soon as your first gift shop is running and generating 2.5k~3k a day, wait some days (do not forget to complete your courses – you need them to open up a second shop) until your balance reaches 15k again, then open up a second gift shop.

Again rent a small building and check that the traffic is at least 15 there. Set up the new shop the same way as you did the first shop and hire some people to run it.

As soon as you reach 7k profit a day you can continue with the story assignments.


Q: Why do you ignore the “Customer Service” / “Cleaning” skills when hiring new employees?
A: The answer is simple: HR. As soon as you have some Human Resources Managers working for you, they will gradually increase the skills of the employees assigned to them. Since salary increase is not implemented (yet?) the cheaper your employee is, the more valuable he will be as soon as his skills reach high levels.

Q: Why do you open the second gift shop in a small building?
A: I have tried several approaches on “hard” difficulty and found out, that the gift shop is thriving well when working in a small building. The Fast Food Restaurant – on the contrary – is a waste of money, when set up in a building with max. capacity of 15. The other reason is, that with a second gift shop it is still very easy to resupply them yourself. You just buy twice the amount of the items you need for your first gift shop.

Q: How long should i use the freebie car?
A: Get rid of it as soon as you have 5k spare money. The UMC Desert costs only 6k (you get 1250 when seeling the freebie-car) but has a storage of 20 which means that you need much less driving when moving things around.

Q: What should I do after reaching the 7k revenue?
A: In my actual game I set up my HQ and hired HR, Logistics and Purchase Managers to automate the resupply of the gift shops. If you haven’t played the game before just continue with the main story line (fast food restaurant) and the game will give you a step-by-step guide to do it.

Q: Any hints on the Fast-Food (Burger) restaurant further down the story line?
A: Find a building with 30 capacity and 30+ Traffic, Set it up for burgers, french fries, soda. Do not expect it to generate much revenue – if your staff is too expensive.

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