Big Farm Story NPC Favorite Gifts, Liked & Disliked Items

Big Farm Story List of NPC Favorite Gifts

List of NPC Favorite gifts, Liked and Disliked items. Please feel free to share your discoveries!

NPC Favorite Gifts, liked & disliked items

NPC favorite gifts, liked and disliked items.


  • Crafting materials: Alpaca fleece, Big iron parts, Branch, Carved stone, Clay brick, Cotton, Down feather, Feather, Flax fiber, Glass, Hardwood log, Iron ore, Log, Nail, Paint, Plant fiber, Pebble, Rock, Roofing slates, Rope, Screws, Sand, Small iron parts, Stone block, Tree bark, Treenail, Tree resin, Tree sap, Wooden beam, Wooden plank
  • Crispy dishes: Chips, Fish on a spit, Grilled fish, Grilled vegetables
  • Fish: Angler-fish, Barbel, Bass, Brook trout, Bullhead, Burbot, Carp, Catfish, Cod, Flounder, Gar, Goldfish, Lake sturgeon, Loach, Mackerel, Pike, Puffer fish, Rainbow trout, Red snapper, Salmon, Shrimp, Sunfish,
    Tuna, Zander
  • Fish dishes: Fish on a spit, Fish salad, Fish soup
  • Flowers: Daisy, Dandelion, Glory of the snow, Granny’s bonnet, Marigold, Snowdrops, Wildflower
  • Fruit: Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Chestnuts, Grapes, Hazelnut, Orange, Peach, Pear, Plum, Sloe, Strawberry
  • Healing plants: Clover, Ginger, Goldenrod, Seabuckthorn
  • Hearty dishes: Filled potatoes, Filled mushrooms, Omelette, Scrambled eggs, Vegetable pie
  • Preserved food: Mixed pickles, Pickles, Sauerkraut
  • Treats: Common, Uncommon, Rare
  • Salads: Dandelion salad, Fish salad, Small salad
  • Soups and stews: Carrot soup, Fish soup
  • Spices: Bay leaf, Bunching onion, Cinnamon, Ginger, Horseradish, Hot pepper, Licorice root, Mediterranean herbs, Pepper, Salt
  • Spicy dishes: Hot pepper, Shrimp cocktail, Spicy carrots
  • Sweet dishes: Apple compote, Blueberry yoghurt (sic), Chocolate, Chocolate ice cream, Elderflower, Fruit yoghurt (sic), Jam, Strawberry flower dessert
  • Vegetables: Beetroot, Carrot, Chanterelle, Common mushroom, Morel, Winter mushroom

Most foods give 4 – 6 points even if they’re not on a character’s list. Just be sure to check their dislikes, e.g., Nathan doesn’t like “Sweet dishes” so don’t gift him things like Jam, Chocolate, etc. I noted these general point values where known:

  • (+4) Alpaca fleece, Apple cider, Blanket, Butter, Carrot soup, Chocolate, Dandelion salad, Gar, Filled mushrooms, Fish on a spit, Fish soup, Jam, Mashed carrots, Mashed potatoes, Mayonnaise, Omelette (sic), Pickles, Sashimi, Scrambled eggs, Seaweed, Small salad, Spicy fish soup Strawberry flower dessert, Strawberry muffin, Tuna
  • (+5) Seaweed (Shady only)
  • (+6) Apple compote, Blueberry yoghurt (sic), Catfish with vegetables, Carved stone, Chocolate spread, Chips, Filled potatoes, Fish salad, Fish with mushrooms, Fish with herb butter, Grilled fish, Grilled vegetables, Mixed fish plate, Mixed pickles, Pillow, Vegetable pie
  • (+9) Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, Shrimp cocktail

Small gift (+4)

Favorite gifts: Fish with herb butter (+12), ?, Snowdrop (+3), Elderflower (+3)
Liked: Crafting materials (+2; Feather/Wool +3; Alpaca fleece, Nail, Rope, Small iron parts, Wooden beam, Wooden plank +6), Hearty dishes (Filled mushrooms, Omelette, Scrambled eggs +6, Vegetable pie +8)
Disliked: Salads

Favorite gifts: Chocolate (+8), Chocolate spread (+12)
Liked: Spices (+2), Sweet dishes (+6, Elderflower +2)
Disliked: ?, Fruits

Favorite gifts: ?, Milk (+4), Chips (+12)
Liked: Crafting materials (+2; Feather, Wool +3; Alpaca fleece, Nail, Rope, Small iron parts, Wooden beam, Wooden plank +6, Carved stone +8), Hearty dishes (Filled mushrooms, Omelette, Scrambled eggs +6, Vegetable pie +8)
Disliked: ?, Fish, Fish Dishes

Favorite gifts: ?, ?, Pickles (+6), ?
Liked: Treats (Common treat +2; Uncommon treat +6; Rare treat +8), Crispy dishes (Fish on a spit +6)
Disliked: Flowers, Healing plants

Favorite gifts: Fish oil (+3), Butter (+8)
Liked: Fish (+2; Flounder, Gar, Tuna +6; Pike, Sunfish +8), Fish on a spit (+8)
Disliked: Flowers, Treats

Favorite gifts: Wild garlic (+3), Roasted chestnuts (+12)
Liked: ?, Crafting materials (+2; Feather, Wool +3; Alpaca fleece, Nail, Rope, Small iron parts, Wooden beam, Wooden plank +6, Carved stone +8), Healing plants (+2)
Disliked: Glory of the snow, ?, Fruit yoghurt (sic), ?

Favorite gifts: Dandelion salad (+8), Fruit yoghurt (sic) (+8), Alpaca fleece (+8), Plant fiber (+2), Wool (+4)
Liked: Cotton (+2), Flax fiber (+2), ?, Flowers (+2), Healing plants (+2)
Disliked: Spicy dishes

Favorite gifts: Chocolate ice cream (+10), Blanket (+8), Pillow (+12), ?
Liked: Sweet dishes (+6; Elderflower +2), Fruits (+2)
Disliked: Catfish with vegetables, Soups and stews

Favorite gifts: ?, ?, Flowers (+2; Granny’s bonnet, Snowdrops +3)
Liked: Pillow (+8), Blanket (+6), Sweet dishes (+6; Elderflower +2)
Disliked: Beetroot, Horseradish, Fish dishes

Favorite gifts: Branch (+3)
Liked: Treats (Common treat +2; Uncommon treat +6; Rare +8)
Disliked: Spices

Favorite gifts: Scrambled eggs (+8), ?
Liked: Vegetables (+2), Salads (Dandelion salad +6; Fish salad +8)
Disliked: Crafting materials, Sweet dishes

Mayor Connor
Favorite gifts: Clover (+3), Butter (+4)
Liked: Preserved food (Pickles +6), Soups and stews (Carrot soup, Fish soup +6)
Disliked: Wine vinegar, Crafting materials

Favorite gifts: Rare treat (+12), Mayonnaise (+6)
Liked: Treats (Common treat +2, Uncommon treat +6)
Disliked: Vegetables, Salads, Soups and stews

Favorite gifts: ?, Crispy dishes (Grilled fish +12; Potato cake +18)
Liked: Fish (Bass +2)
Disliked: Worm, ?, Salads

Favorite gifts: Strawberry jam (+8), Chocolate spread (+12)
Liked: Chalk (+2), Scale weights (+2), Fish dishes (Fish on a spit, Fish soup +6; Fish salad +8)
Disliked: Horseradish, Crafting materials

Favorite gifts: Coffeeweed root (+3), Strawberry muffin (+8)
Liked: Spicy Dishes (Hot pepper +2), Crispy dishes (Chips, Fish on a spit +4)
Disliked: Hearty dishes

Favorite gifts: ?, ?
Liked: Potato (+2), Spices (+2)
Disliked: Crafting materials, Treats

Favorite gifts: Apple Cider (+8), ?, Preserved food (Sauerkraut +6)
Liked: Fish (+2)
Disliked: Crispy dishes, Salads

Favorite gifts: ?, Soups and stews (Carrot soup, Fish soup +8)
Liked: Fruits (+2), Vegetables (+2)
Disliked: Fish

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