Black Squad – How to ‘spot’ a Black Squad Medic

What is a Black Squad Medic?

Black Squad Medics, often referred as Community Managers of the game, are part of the management team, supporting Neowiz.

Okay, i guess i found one, how i can learn he/she legit one?
While playing, you can encounter with a Community Manager, and here is a few steps on recognizing them:

Step 1 | In-Game Nickname

Usually, all Community Managers use CM_ tag in front of their alias (Example: CM_Orion) to be not confused with normal players. If you see someone without CM tag acting like a CM, please check other steps too.

Tip: Game Developers can play game sometimes with their own aliases, so you should check other steps before you report them 🙂

Step 2 | Chat Color & Prefix

When authorized person sends a message to chat, it will appear as purple with [GM] prefix, so you would know he/she is someone in charge. If you see someone threatening you with a ban & acting an authority without it, you might report them for impersonation (please check Step 5)

Step 3 | Clan Name

All Community Managers will be on BSMedics clan which created by Medics themselves. If you see a Medic Member without a clan, you might have encountered a Medic mimic. To make sure, you can cross-check other steps too 🙂

Step 4 | Calling Card

All Black Squad Medics will have beautiful MEDICS calling card on back of their name on lobbies. This card wont be given to anyone outside of Medics team, so it is one of the most solid proofs.

Step 5 | Reporting a Impersonator

This is the last step and at this point you should make sure you got evidences of the impersonator on the action. You can report them from Support Site of Black Squad and REAL Authority will deal with that user.

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