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Black Squad – How to use the Ak12 GL (4 Methods)

A quick guide to using the Ak12 GL. (4 Methods)

Method #1 – Tap Shooting

Tap shooting is one of the most basic skills you can learn in Black Squad. You hip fire while tapping the shoot key to fire one bullet or a small burst. This negates recoil and makes the gun extremly accurate. It is most effective at short to medium range and is best used going for headshots. I do not recommend you use this at long range because they will most likley get a sniper to kill you as the accuracy of the Ak12 GL isnt good while hip fireing at long range. This is how most people (Including myself) use with any Ak style weapon. This is the technique that i would recommend above anthing else on this list.

Method #2 – Scoping

Quick Scoping is when you aim down the scope at someone and shoot. This is good at medium to long range but doesnt really work at short range. It is good for headshots as the recoil is easyer to deal with. Although it slows your movement speed and this makes you an easy target for snipers as you cant move very fast. I would only recommend this strategy at long range as tap shooting is much better at close and medium range.

Method #3 – Spray and Pray

Since the Ak12 GL is a one shot headshot you can sometimes rely on luck. All you do is try to controal the recoil and pray for a headshot. Its only really useful at very short range as the chance of hitting a headshit is higher. Dont use this method unless the enemy is right in front of you.

Method #4 – Learn Recoil Patterns

You can try to learn the recoil pattern of the gun for close range spraydowns. This is very hard and i wouldent recomend it.

Method #5 – Noob tube

Im fairly sure everybody knows what Nood Tubing is but for those who dont it means using only your grenade launcher. This is only useful for hitting people around corners. This is an awful strategy, please don’t use it.

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